VC1601BUWD Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner VC1601BUWD

WET&DRY Bag or box Number of nozzles: 1 Universal brush


Icon - XpandZone brush

XpandZone brush

Optimal suction power and easy operation
The innovative X-shaped double dust pickup channel increases the area that captures dust from carpets, hard surfaces, and parquet. The channel shape allows optimum dust pickup even on the brush perimeter, without any reduction in effectiveness. This results in more effective vacuum cleaning process and time savings.
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Icon - Extreme 12 m radius

Extreme 12 m radius

Freedom of movement
Vacuum cleaner lets you easily move from one room to the next and reach even the remotest corners of your home. Enjoy extreme 12 m radius.
Icon - Blowing function

Blowing function

Extra power
In hard-to-reach places, you can remove any dirt using the blowing function. It allows you to simply remove leaves or sand, and it is also handy when cleaning the vacuum cleaner brushes and attachments.
Icon - Additional wet brush

Additional wet brush

Easily deal with split liquids
With this brush, wet cleaning is simpler. The rubberised part of the brush optimally conforms to any wet surface and allows carefree cleaning of stains from spilt bottles and other mishaps.
Icon - Easy locking system

Easy locking system

Lift & click
Practical locking system allows quick opening and closing of the compact vacuum cleaner container. The contents will be safely stored in the container until you are ready to empty it.
Icon - Inlet HEPA filter

Inlet HEPA filter

More fresh air
The inlet HEPA filter eliminates more than 99% of particles from the air, including pollen and mite excrement, which is essential for those suffering from asthma or allergies.
Icon - Attachement storage

Attachement storage

Saving space
Keep all your attachments handy and ready for use. The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a special and practical simple-to-use attachment storage that makes sure the attachments are neatly stored.

Technical details


Motor power (max): 1,600 W

Suction power: 300 W

Bag or box

Wet/dry cleaning

air blow

Number of nozzles: 1

Universal brush

Airflow: 36 L/s

Dust box capacity: 10 l

Dust bag capacity: 5 l

Type of tube: Assembly

Tube dyameter: 32 mm

Tube length: 86 cm

Tube material: Plastic

HEPA filtration

Control: on appliance

Adjustable motor power with rotary knob

Soft start

N° of included microfilter bags: 1

Accessories: 1

Extensive reach (cable, hose and tube): 12 m


Park position

Number of wheels: 4

Plastic wheels

ByPass motor

Colour: Blue colour

Noise level: 78 dB(A)re 1 pW

Motor power (max): 1,600 W

Dimensions (W×H×D): 35 × 50 × 37 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 36 × 53 × 37 cm

Net weight: 5.5 kg

Gross weight: 8.2 kg

Connected load: 1,400 W

Product code: 678533

EAN code: 3838782071218


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