Gorenje Simplicity Collection

More from life with Gorenje Simplicity Collection

Experience the marvels of modern technology embodied in the timeless design of the Gorenje Simplicity Collection. Every program and function of our appliances is thoughtfully developed for effortless management through an intuitive interface. The user-friendly design, refined by the use of sleek glass surfaces and high-quality materials expresses a timeless aesthetic and beautifully complements various kitchen styles, whether in black or white.

Enjoy perfection in every task 

Elevate your everyday tasks with the seamless blend of functionality and style. Each appliance offers thoughtful functionalities, tailored to your daily needs. All this is possible thanks to innovative technology in the background, ready to serve you: 

  • discover how intuitive technology learns your routine and enables you to leave many decisions entirely to the appliance,  
  • use preset programs that automatically select the most optimal operation for perfect results, but with lower consumption of energy, water or detergent, 
  • enjoy the simple interface and easy management of each new appliance, as if you have been familiar with it for a very long time.