Design of every Gorenje appliance represents a perfect balance between functionality and emotion. It is honest, understandable and thorough down to the last detail. The unique design of our appliances doesn’t only make them look good, but most of all makes them very useful and easy to use, bringing in a perfect experience of simplicity.


For a wonderful tomorrow.

Silver EcoVadis medal means that Gorenje home appliances performed better in terms of sustainability than 83% of all other companies in the world evaluated by EcoVadis.



Simplicity induction hob

The hob is part of the third generation of the successful Simplicity cooking appliance line, which manifests the story of our brand - Life simplified. The line consists of selected products that meet the important needs of users and at the same time do not burden them with redundant functions and settings. With thoughtful solutions, we tried to simplify their key challenges in the daily preparation of tasty dishes.

RED DOT winner 2018 & +X AWARD 2018/19

Gorenje WaveActive generation

By developing the first electronic and really simple-to use washing machine, Simple & Logical was a breakthrough in the industry. Four easy-to understand icons for most relevant programs in two soil levels enabled easy selection of the right program, even for less skilled users.

RED DOT winner 2017

Gorenje Gas Hobs generation

Large and comfortable cooktop has an easy-to-clean flat enamelled surface. The cast iron pan supports are asymmetrically designed and form one large cooking surface that extends over the entire cooktop. Pots can be easily shifted. A powerful wok burner is located at the front for easier use of heavy pots.

RED DOT winner 2017

Gorenje Multi-functional Oven

Interaction is simple for any user. With operation via precision-made multi-functional rotary knob and colour images, setting of a desired program/recipe is simplified to include only a few steps that may also comprise steam-cooking programs. An easily intelligible user interface allows intuitive interaction that goes hand in hand with the high-quality front design.

RED DOT winner 2016

Gorenje TFT Compact oven

Multi-functional steam microwave compact oven in a matching visual language fits both vertical and horizontal installations. The integrated warming drawer offers new cooking options. Premium materials like glass surfaces and fingerprint-free inox elements characterise the front with long-lasting aesthetics. Intuitive colour TFT display enables fast selection of recipes via photos.

RED DOT winner 2015

Gorenje+ hood

Intelligent sensor-operated vertical hood with automatic mode adjusts the power during cooking. Distinctive yet timeless aesthetics allow integration into a variety of ambients as a part of the Gorenje+ appliance family. Innovative perimetric aspiration system reduces power consumption and noise and improves the air extraction efficiency.

RED DOT winner 2014

Gorenje TFT 60

Clean front design blends seamlessly with various kitchen ambients. Large glass surfaces, fingertip-resistant inox elements and the self-cleaning pyrolytic function make cleaning easier and long-lasting. Its well-conceived graphical user interface gives this built-in oven a self-explanatory quality.

RED DOT winner 2013

Gorenje SensoCare 12

The aesthetics of the washing machine are clean, and they highlight the important parts, such as the user interface and the door handle. Fast program selection in only two steps, or adjusting of a program in greater detail, are both an option.

RED DOT winner 2012

SensoCare 10

Gorenje SensoCare 10 washing machine is distinguished by thoroughly designed intuitive user interface for simple program selection and improved ergonomics with patented door opening design.

+X AWARD & RED DOT winner 2012

Gorenje IQCook

Gorenje IQCook is a patented solution that allows automatic control of the cooking process. Advanced technology is integrated into cooking zones. A mobile sensor can be attached to any type of lid.

RED DOT honourable mention 2011

Gorenje HomeChef

With our intuitive easy-to-operate colour display, we inspired many subsequent solutions in the industry. Advanced technology was translated into a user-friendly and appealing solution that allows selecting the programs via emotive photos. With different control modes, like SimpleBake and the patented StepBake technology, the oven adapts to the level of knowledge of any user.

+X AWARD 2010

Gorenje Simplicity Collection

Simplicity Collection is the first line of home appliances offering simplified interaction with reduced and carefully thought out selection of programs and functions. Single central knob operation with easy-to-choose programs and use of glass surface and genuine materials expressed an unobtrusive yet unique and emotional aesthetics.


Gorenje Smart Table

Innovatively designed fridge integrated into a smart table was awarded as a business and people-inspired design innovation in Paris in 2008.

RED DOT winner 2005

Gorenje Premium Touch

In 2005, Gorenje was the first Slovenian company to receive a Red Dot Award; in fact, two of them were for two laundry products that would today be described as the fathers of smart appliances. The entire user interaction process took place via a direct touch screen, with guidance of specially designed “washing wizards”. In addition, the appliances featured a very distinctive dynamic aesthetics.

ICSID BIO 18 excellence award 2002

Gorenje Touch the future

Touch the Future line of appliances was the first one to integrate touch control displays with interactive controls. Innovation was also achieved by integrating a washing and drying machine into a single product.

+X AWARD 1996

Gorenje Retro Collection

Original design solution was developed and launched in early 1999. Due to innovative approach of using past memories as a distinctive and emotional element, Gorenje Retro fridge has inspired many others in the industry. An upgraded design solution, complemented by a wide range of colour options and advanced state-of-the-art cooling technology, is still successful in the market.

ICOGRADA excellence award 1996

Gorenje Simple & Logical

By developing the first electronic and really simple-to use washing machine, Simple & Logical was a breakthrough in the industry. Four easy-to understand icons for most relevant programs in two soil levels enabled easy selection of the right program, even for less skilled users.