Ironing has the reputation of being one of the most unfavorable domestic chores. Everyone can relate to a situation when clothes need to be ironed yet you just keep on delaying, as you were waiting for a miracle to happen.

The modern technology brings a whole new ironing experience. With the power of steam and better gliding materials ironing takes less time, less effort and less energy.

It’s as if iron would have magic powers helping you complete your work easier and simplified.

The new generation SteamCare line does have super powers to simplify your ironing experience. Ironing makes you feel as someone or something is helping you by making the chore easier, nicer, smoothes and quicker.

Contemporary design, great features and beautiful, vivid colours are waiting for you. Just release their super powers!

STEAMCARE product lines

Crisp, perfectly smooth clothes

Dress to impress! Everything you wear looks much better when it's smooth and creseless, and the huge advantage of steam irons means that reaching these levels is easier than ever. Make sure all the fibers ger the treatment they deserve.

Faster finish with the help of steam

Speed up with steam. Among its numerous advantages, steam alows you to finish your laundry faster compared to other methods.

Supports both dry & wet ironing

It doesn't matter when you want to iron your clothes, whether it's right after a wash or when they're perfectly dry.

Powerful enough for vertical ironing

Not only you can iron clothes traditional way, horizontally, but you can do so vertically as well. Just hang your clothes and "paint" your clothes with steam.

Easy to use, icon-based dial

Controls are now more intuitive to use. Instead of relying on ambiguous numebrs that can often confuse, just rely on every day icons that are already present in your washing machine.

PRO line

The very best of the best. Coming with professional features and effective operation system.

PLUS line

Your perfect every day helpers. They will use all the magic powers to iron every wrinkle out of your garmet and keep your mood easy and always on plus side!

LITE line

Live light, iron lite. These irons are simple, compact, yet still strong enough for lite ironing at home or travels. All you need for every day simplicity.

Main features

Self Clean
Extended life and effectiveness
This extremely important function extends the life and effectiveness of the iron. At higher temperatures select the button »self-clean«. A large amount of water will be released onto the hot soleplate from inside. It will remove any limescale or impurities from the water. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the water discharged through the nozzle is perfectly clean.
AntiDrip System
Keeping the garments spotless
Ironing with no need to worry about water droplets causing stains. The system that prevents dripping from the soleplate will let you iron delicate fabrics at lower temperatures – and remain joyful. No spots, better results.
AntiCalc System
Effective descaling system
An easy and efficient way of keeping the limescale away from your iron. It is good to keep in mind that it cannot entirely prevent it, but with regular cleaning, you will be able to iron smoothly for a long time.