Air conditioners


Air conditioners are present in almost every household. The new generation of air conditioners Gorenje enables optimal use for everyone and are ready to take their position in people's homes. A state-of-the-art technology makes it easy to operate, maintain and saves energy. Choose from wall-mounted or portable, inverters or classical and make the most from their key features. We guarantee – you'll enjoy in fresh atmosphere.


Cold plasma generator
Clear air delivery system
Cold plasma technology is a unique technology that deters odors and is a great clear air delivery system. Plasma dramatically reduces the harmful contaminants in the air and takes care of your well-being.
Anti-cold Air Function
Preventing cold air
When the heating mode is switched on, this function prevents the blowing of cold air, because the speed of the fan adjusts to the temperature of the evaporator. This ensures maximum level of comfort and more pleasant atmosphere.
Multi-Layer Air Purifying Technology
High quality air assured
Air travels through multiple filters and each has the function to provide you with better and healthier air. This AC model features 4 in 1 Filter including Catechin filter, Silver Ion filter, Vitamin C filter and HEPA Filter.Catechin FilterCatechin is an extract from green tea, which is added to the filters because of its oxidation and sterilization effects. Active enzymes create a benzene core that absorbs unpleasant odour and harmful substances in the atmosphere. The catechin filter intercepts and sterilizes dust particles effectively and in the long term. Its antibacterial effect destroys more than 95% of bacteria.Silver Ion FilterThis filter is highly eficient sterilizing filter that effectively stops bacteria from growing.Vitamin CVitamin C Filters are an added protection that provides extremely clean air. Such pure air is healthy for the skin, as it does not cause itching, softens the skin and reduces stress while providing therapeutic benefits.HEPA FilterA highly efficient HEPA filter, which captures 80% more of dust particles than classical filters, ensuring even fresher and purer ambient air.
Night mode
Press the dimmer button to turn off the light and the display in the unit. The air conditioner will save the energy and you will be able to enjoy the night mode of your space.