What to look for in a cooker hood?

It can seem like buying and maintaining a cooker hood is a tedious task. But don’t worry, it’s something completely manageable.

To make things easier, we’re giving you a complete breakdown of the most popular cooker hood types. 

We’ll be discussing their pros and cons, listing their exciting features and even giving you some examples of top-rated hood models.


Make your kitchen stand out with designed chimney cooker hoods

For those that truly want to make their kitchen stand out from the rest, designed chimney hoods are definitely worth considering. These visually impressive kitchen cooker hoods are not just there to remove unwanted smells and steam. They're there to serve as a centrepiece for your kitchen, giving it an added sense of elegance, height and luxury.

Some might believe that hoods are strictly designed to draw out moisture that rises around the cooking area, but that couldn't be further away from the truth. Nowadays, cooker hood extractor fans are not the loud, awkward and obtrusive appliances they once were. Many of them are a design masterpiece, combining state-of-the-art technology with impressive design.

Chimney cooker hoods are known for their signature canopy which is placed on top of the range. This canopy has an internal fan which is designed to collect any steam, moisture, smells or fumes. All of this is then redirected into a flue (chimney) or a vent.

This type of kitchen cooker hoods is known for its distinct look, making it one of the most stylish options out there. They are a true vocal point in any kitchen, swiftly transforming the room into a unique and elegant space.


Because there is such a vast variety of cooker extractors available on the market, the price range is similarly big. This makes it easy to find something to fit just about any budget!

When it comes to cooker hood installation, it is important that this step is done correctly. Apart from the bathroom, no other room in your house will be subjected to more drastic variations in moisture levels than your kitchen. Incorrect installation can lead to issues such as black mould, which can not only cause damage to your surfaces, but also your health. If unsure, always reach out to professionals to ensure that installation is carried out correctly.

Wondering how to select the best cooker hood? Remember that the answer will depend on your kitchen and your needs! To make your job easier we’ve collected all the must-know info about various types of cooking hoods below.


Invisible built-in cooker hoods

Integrated cooker hoods are mainly renowned for their discreet design. These popular built-in cooker hoods fit into a kitchen unit above your cooker. Once fitted, they can be opened simply by pulling the door handle or pressing a switch.

When not in use, they blend perfectly into your kitchen cupboards and are virtually invisible.

Built-in extractor fans work the same way as regular hoods. They help remove any steam or grease, as well as get rid of food smells that would otherwise be rising in your kitchen air. Last but not least, they recirculate or ventilate the air.

If you’re a lover of clean and contemporary interiors, this is an obvious choice for you. Moreover, they’re also ideal for anyone short on space as they tend to come in smaller sizes. Small kitchens can easily look cluttered but incorporating a hidden functional element can help give a sense of space and clarity.

Built-in cooker hoods can use either an extraction system or a recirculation system, the choice between the two being completely up to you.

All in all, they offer great performance & style, all while being practically invisible to the eye!


Island cooker hoods as the centre of your kitchen

When your cooking unit is on an island you will need an island cooker hood. These types of hoods simply hang from the ceiling right above your cooktop. They work in the same way as any other hood, but are mounted in the middle of your kitchen, rather than on a wall.

There are two different options when choosing a kitchen island - an island range hood or the downdraft hood.

Rising in popularity in recent years, island kitchen extractor hoods have a plethora of advantages. They are visually stunning and add a gorgeous element to your kitchen. More often than not, their home will be in a spacious, rather than a small kitchen.

Kitchen islands have exploded in popularity over the recent decades. In turn, island extractor hoods have seen a similar rise in demand. They are luxurious, visually impressive and come in a wide range of styles. Apart from adding a fantastic element of functionality, they are also a fabulously beautiful feature that will impress every visitor.

As with any other type of cooker hood, island extractor fans also have their cons. They are a more expensive option compared to regular hoods and might require longer installation time.


Ceiling cooker hoods

Ceiling cooker hoods are known for their minimalist and contemporary design.

They don’t take up a lot of space, making them popular in small and big kitchens alike. Kitchen ceiling extractor fans can sometimes be operated through a handy remote control.

However, despite their many benefits, they are not the optimal choice for kitchens with high ceilings. Because the fan is so far away from the cooking source, any unwanted odours and moisture might not be removed effectively.


Examples of different cooking hoods

Gorenje is home to top-grade cooking hoods that guarantee your peace of mind. Their outstanding quality and contemporary designs are combined to offer you something that is made to last. Whether you’re looking for a 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90cm cooker hood, there’s options for every size.

Our freestanding wall decorative cooker hood is fitted with unique aluminium grease filters that eliminate up to 98% of grease particles.

If you’re a lover of all things innovative, you won’t want to miss out on our unique and ground-breaking telescopic hood. It provides LED lighting with highly efficient illumination of the cooking hob. Finally, it offers unparalleled sound-absorbing properties to reduce noise levels.

Another fascinating option is the 60cm wall chimney cooker hood DK63CLB. This black cooker hood features automatic fan operation and significantly reduced noise levels. It includes a setting that allows automatic switching off as well as the refresh function designed to activate every hour and refresh the air for 10 minutes.

Last but not least, the 60cm white cooker hood WHI643ORAW features innovative parametric air suction systems and elegant led lighting. It can be automatically switched off in 10, 20 or 30 minutes and offers a refresh function. To make things even better, the hood detects the level of impurities and automatically adjusts the fan speed. This way you can turn all your attention to cooking up a wonderful meal, rather than fussing about with different fan settings

What else to look for in a cooker hood?

Finally, it’s important to point out two basic cooker hood elements that often go unnoticed. We firmly believe that individuals should acquire as much information as possible prior to their purchase. Getting to know more about your kitchen appliance will both prevent you from making any mistakes that might affect its performance and will also help you make the right decision for your own household.

Remember, every single household is different and has vastly different needs. Don’t simply choose something just because you’ve liked the appliance when visiting your friend’s home. Always choose what will work best for you and your family!

When talking about smaller elements of extraction hoods, we can’t forget about cooker hood grease filters.

If you’re wondering how to clean cooker hood filters, the most important thing to remember is to do it regularly! The longer you wait, the more grime, grease and first will gather on the filter. Just like when it comes to ovens, cooker hood filter cleaning should be done regularly. The more often this is done, the easier the process will be. A clean hood grease filter will also offer an overall better performance.

Last but not least, we can’t forget to mention cooker hood bulbs. After all, they are often the most common thing that needs to be replaced on a cooker hood. They are intended to be used strictly during cooking and shouldn’t be constantly left on. Luckily, they are very straightforward to change yourself.

If you need any more help in choosing the right hood for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit one of our stores. Our experts are here for you to make sure the hood you choose fits the style of your kitchen and your cooking needs.