Freestanding Microwaves


New range of freestanding microwaves

This microwave oven gets the job done perfectly everytime, making your life a little simpler from early morning untill late in the evening. Either to prepair a morning tea, quickly defrost frozen food, reheat leftovers or even cook a full meal.

It will fit beautifully into your kitchen, but it is its easy usage that will make it indispensable

Select Defrost. Voila! Gets the job done everytime you run out of fresh bread.
Push Reheat. See? Definitely does the job when you're craving last nights pizza.
Select Microwaves for a cozy night in. Job done!

See what jobs do these microwaves do best

Microwaves for rapid cooking
Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that excite movement of the water molecules in the food. This motion generates energy that heats, cooks, or defrosts the food. Due to quick and effective penetration of the microwaves into the food, the dishes are cooked much faster than with conventional cooking methods.
Perfect food in 2 or 3 steps
You can cook in several stages by manually programming a few steps of the cooking process. For example, in step 1 you may opt for more microwaves than grill (or any other function available in this model), in step 2 the other way around, and you may set step 3 to achieve a final crust with just grilling (or any other function available in this model). When you activate the StepBake mode, the microwave oven automatically changes the steps so you don't have to do it manually.
Preset programmes
Automatic presets allow simpler cooking of some types of food. You only have to choose the type of food and enter the weight, and the oven will automatically adjust the cooking power and duration.
Automatic cleaning without detergents
Oven interior can be cleaned by filling a high-temperature-resistant glass or clay cup with tap water, placing it in the oven, and activating the AquaClean program. The resulting steam will soften any dirt on the oven walls. At the end of the program, simply clean the oven with a damp cloth.
Simple and efficient defrosting
All Gorenje microwave ovens stand out with the efficient defrosting preset that will evenly and quickly defrost any deep-frozen item.
Staying perfect for the latecomers
The StayWarm automatic program keeps the food at a constant temperature until the time is right to serve the meal.