Combi Steam Oven

All-in-one combi steam oven

This combi steam oven will change the way you cook and eat and there are loads of reasons why. The main one is that the food you cook with it will taste better for sure. Trust us on that.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest cooking methods. Heat is transferred to the food much faster, so instead of drying out the dish the steam keeps it moist, more delicious and more nutritious. Steaming preserves important minerals and vitamins while making sure the food retains its full and intensive flavour, texture and colour. Furthermore, the food stays extremely juicy and tender.

5 reasons to buy a steam oven

The dishes will be tastier

Steamed foods are juicy and taste great. The vegetables stay firm because its cellular structure is preserved, but it is also eye-catching as the steam does not change its colour. Dishes do not dry out or burn, although they are prepared with less fat; it can also be completely without it. Cooks that are more experienced with steam cooking can prepare almost everything, in addition to vegetables, fish and meat, also spaghetti, rice, potatoes, soups, yogurt and desserts.

Steam cooking is the healthiest way to prepare food

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. Thanks to the steam, foods retain their natural juiciness and essential nutrients for our body, such as minerals and vitamins. All Gorenje steam ovens also enable preparation with the SOUS-VIDE method to the nearest degree. It is a slow cooking at a low temperature of 30 or 40 degrees Celsius onwards, which is suitable for preparing meat, fish, all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

You will save time

In a combined steam oven, food is prepared much faster than in conventional ovens. In addition, we can cook several dishes at the same time on different levels. At the same time you can combine the preparation of salmon, potatoes and vegetables, without mixing odors.

Cleaning and maintenance is easy

Cleaning the inside of steam ovens after using steam is extremely easy, as moisture prevents dirt from drying out. The same goes for descaling, just follow the oven instructions.

Three ovens in one

In all Gorenje combined steam ovens, you can bake dishes, cook them with steam or use a combination of both.

Properties of steam ovens Gorenje

No water, just steam
Gorenje combi steam ovens feature an excellent steaming performance that produces steam without any drops of water. Gorenje steam ovens are completely free from water in the oven cavity, thanks to the steam generator which extracts water from steam, leaving it completely clean. A cloud of pure steam is distributed all over the oven, without any drops of water that could spoil the food, making it soggy. It is also perfect for defrosting since warm steam evenly surrounds the food without creating hot spots.
One step to tender and juicy food
SousVide means a simple, yet magical trick: cooking inside vacuum bags. Food is prepared in a way that preserves vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Since the food is prepared in a vacuum and at low temperatures, the inside of the meat is always juicy and tender while vegetables stay smooth and firm. This process is available in Gorenje compact steam ovens.
MultiSteam 360°
A holistic approach to steaming
The same ventilation system used in conventional ovens, MultiFlow 360˚, is used in steam ovens. After the steam enters the oven cavity through multiple openings, a special fan distributes the steam evenly, giving the food a soft and tender feel. One water tank is enough for the entire cooking process so no additional opening of the oven is needed, saving time and energy and improving the overall steaming results.

Let's put the combi steam oven to test

"The best steak I ever had!"

"Mmmm... Soft and crispy potatoes!"

"This broccoli is not like kindergarden food."


Gorenje combi steam oven offers a variety of cooking methods, from steaming, baking, roasting, braising, blanching, poaching to sous vide and more. It is not only for steaming vegetables as some might assume, but also perfect for steaming fish, meat, poultry, bread, cakes and so much more. But, cooking is not all this combi steam oven can do. Also reheating, blanching, dough proofing, defrosting and disinfecting. Wow, right?