Gorenje earns prestigious EQTM certification for quality

Gorenje has been granted the European Quality Trademark (EQTM) certification for its modern and convenient kitchen and laundry appliances. This certification is a highly coveted recognition of superior quality and environmental responsibility earned only by the best manufacturers of goods and services across Europe.

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ), established in 1956, is an autonomous and non-profit association that acts as a promoter of quality principles. Its influence extends beyond geographical boundaries, encompassing a diverse network of experts and companies from European nations and beyond. With a membership exceeding 22,000 individuals and 8,000 legal entities, EOQ serves as a central hub for fostering quality standards and best practices. Through its initiatives, EOQ contributes significantly to the advancement of quality across various sectors, playing a crucial role in shaping European society.

The earned EQTM certification covers a wide range of Gorenje's most popular kitchen and laundry appliances, including ovens, free-standing cookers, hobs, dishwashers, and washing machines. To qualify for the prestigious EQTM certification, products must meet strict criteria: they must have been on the market for at least three years with ongoing quality enhancements, derive at least 60% of their components from European sources, and generate revenues from a diversified customer base. Additionally, products must be original creations of the company, not imitations, with appropriate intellectual property rights secured if necessary. Furthermore, customer satisfaction ratings must consistently exceed 90%, ensuring a commitment to excellence and customer-centricity.