CJ40W Citrus squeezer

Citrus squeezer CJ40W

Citrus squeezer Motor Power (max): 40 W Juice container volume: 1 l Easy cleaning


Icon - Catch Vitamins

Catch Vitamins

Essential for our body
Daily consumed vitamins are essential for our body, especially when our immune system is exposed to different viruses. Juicers and citrus squeezers are perfect helpers in preparing vitamin drinks, which are important in everyday life.
Icon - Smooth or pulpy juice

Smooth or pulpy juice

Completely up to you
Making fresh and healthy fruit juices is easy with Gorenje squeezer. Adjustable pulp control allows you to make either juice with a lot of pulp but without pips, or clear juice with no pulp or pips.
Icon - Rubber feet

Rubber feet

No uncontrolled movement what so ever
Keeping appliance firmly in place requires good architectural form and rubber feet at the bottom to make sure the appliance doesn’t move during operation.
Icon - Cord winder

Cord winder

Always clutter-free counter
Safety locking lid and retractable cord eliminate counter clutter. Cord winder is built into the base, making cord management a breeze.

Technical details

Motor Power (max): 40 W

Plastic fine mash strainer

Mesh filter

Easy cleaning

Power on by pressing a button

Bidirectional rotation for higher efficiency

Number of pressing attachments: 2

Anti-dust cover for a clean kitchen

Rubber feet for stability

Juice container volume: 1 l

Material: Plastic + metal

Colour: White

Motor Power (max): 40 W

Dimensions (W×H×D): 16.5 × 21 × 16.5 cm

Net weight: 0.9 kg

Gross weight: 1.2 kg

Connected load: 40 W

Product code: 451769

EAN code: 3838942997228


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