SGH2400BBSUPREME Electronic iron-steam generator

Electronic iron-steam generator SGH2400BBSUPREME

Electronic iron-steam generator Heater power: 2,400 W Temperature indicator for full control


Icon - OptiTemp


Perfect combination of temperature & steam
With the OptiTemp function, you will be able to iron most of the fabrics without any manual adjustment of temperature and steam amount. This function has a preset optimal combination of temperature and amount of steam for perfect results on any fabric.
Icon - Easy De-Calc

Easy De-Calc

Prolong the longevity of your appliance
With an easy and effective descaling system that includes a descaling cup and the Easy De-Calc feature, you'll get rid of limescale in an ideal way and extend the lifetime of your steam generator iron. Your iron will use a signal light to remind you when it is time to perform the cleaning process. Only when your appliance is cold, simply open the Easy De-Calc knob and collect the dirty water and scale in a cup
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Icon - Up to 7.5 bar pressure

Up to 7.5 bar pressure

Faster and better ironing
120 g/min steam rate and max 600 g/min steam boost. The more steam, the faster the ironing. The consistent powerful steam penetrates deep into the fabric to make your ironing easier, faster and better. Steam power can be regulated to fit your needs.
Icon - Two steam shot buttons

Two steam shot buttons

Additional boost of steam for better results
To make ironing effortless, two additional steam shot buttons are a perfect solution. With extra-strong and powerful continuous flow of steam (120 g/min) or boost of steam at higher vapour rate (max 600 g/min), you'll enjoy the best quality ironing. All within your thumb's reach.
Icon - Easily removable 1.7-litre water tank

Easily removable 1.7-litre water tank

No time lost with adding water during an ironing session
No pile is too high when you finally start ironing. The size of the water tank is 1.7 l and it is sufficient for ironing large quantities of laundry. Easily removable tank allows refilling without waiting or switching off the appliance.
Icon - Eco Care

Eco Care

Ready for use in 2 minutes
The steam is ready for use in 2 minutes and the water tank can be refilled at any time during ironing, which makes your ironing experience energy-saving and much more joyful.
Icon - Carry lock

Carry lock

Safe and easy transport and carrying
An iron lock allows your iron to lock securely to the base, so you can carry your steam generator easily.
Icon - Silent steam technology

Silent steam technology

Quiet, yet powerful
With the silent technology, you don't need to compromise on ironing performance. You'll be able to iron quietly, yet powerfully.
Icon - Auto shut-off

Auto shut-off

Safety guaranteed
Safety comes first with us. Automatic shutdown feature ensures safety and saves energy as the steam station switches off when it is not used for 10 minutes. Ensuring convenience and safety, this will provide a worry-free ironing experience and keep your clothes safe.
Icon - Steam Generator

Steam Generator

Powerful and constant steam flow
With the help of a built-in pump steam is produced under strong pressure and it penetrates deeper into the fabric. This ensures easier removal of stubborn creases. Steam is evenly distributed. There is no leaking of the water, which is extremely important in the case of delicate fabrics as drops of water can cause stains.
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Technical details

Heater power: 2,400 W

Anti-limescale system for a long useful life of the iron

No-drip system

Auto clean function for care-free use

Vertical ironing for sensitive fabric

Ironing without steam

Ironing with dry steam

ECO program for economical use

Advanced steam release system with more nozzles

Advance pump

Number of power levels: 2

Temperature indicator for full control

Steam release regulator: 120 g/min

Steam blast for immediate extra steam: 600 g/min

Tip for precision ironing

Info display: Clearly laid out LED display

Reel compartment guarantees easy storage

Water hardness indicator

Water level indicator

Water can be refilled during ironing

Very useful, large feed opening with a cover

Removable water tank for easy maintenance

Ergonomic design for a perfect fit

Rubber feet for stability

Automatic power-off

Safe ironing

Water tank capacity: 1.70 l

Steam pressure: 7.5 bar

Material: Plastic + metal

Length electrical cord: 1.9 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 44 × 28 × 29 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 47.4 × 32 × 29.4 cm

Net weight: 4.5 kg

Gross weight: 6.5 kg

Connected load: 2,400 W

Product code: 673858

EAN code: 3838782070211


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