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Ceramic heaters are among the most efficient heaters. Their heating element is made of a semi-conducting material and ensures safe, efficient and quick heating of premises. The dust filter cleans the air when it enters the appliance, contributing to a cleaner atmosphere and higher quality of living. Thanks to its modern design and just the right size, you can place it anywhere and enhance the appearance of your home or business premises. The use is completely safe, as the heater turns off in case it tips over due to the safety cut-off switch. Its operation is simple either with a remote control or the electronic control unit, and the settings are visible on the LCD display.

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Icon - Tip-over protection

Tip-over protection

Automatic power-off for extra safety
If the heater is tipped over, you do not have to worry. The safety switch will make sure the appliance is switched off in such case.
Icon - Heating or ventilation

Heating or ventilation

Taking care of cold and heat
Whatever the occasion or whatever the weather, the ceramic heather will provide the best temperature. Three heat and two fan settings will take care of ventilation during hot days and heating during cold nights.
Icon - Auto Swing

Auto Swing

Spreading the heat wider
Left and right auto swing enables spreading the heat more widely and evenly. In this way you will be able to more fully enjoy in the cosiness of your living space and enhance your quality of living.

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