The Gorenje GSI, d.o.o. company commits itself to provide adequate level of confidentiality, availability and integrity of the personal data of any Data Subject, using the companies Web services and solutions.

Gathered Personal Data and processing of personal data will be performed with adequate physical and logical security measures in place. Where personal data is gathered and processed upon consent, the data is being processed until the Data Subject notifies the company in a clear revoke of consent is made from the Data Subject's side.

Any of the gathered personal data is not transferred into any third countries.

All the data access to the personal data is approved by the Gorenje GSI, d.o.o. company and is available to authorized personnel only. No automated processing or profiling is performed upon the stored personal data.

In case of any additional questions in relation to the personal data controlling and processing you can send us an email to the following address gdpr(at)

For all personal data processing misusages in relation to Gorenje GSI, d.o.o. personal data processing and controlling you can contact the authorized Personal Data Authority:

Republika Slovenija

Informacijski pooblaščenec

Zaloška 59

1000 Ljubljana 

Phone: 01 230 97 30

Fax: 01 230 97 78

E-mail: gp.ip(at) 

Head: Mojca Prelesnik, univ. dipl. prav., Information Commissioner