Gorenje Beauty Collection

Collection of hair care appliances

Start a new day with a perfect hairstyle

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and found out that your hair simply refuses to obey you?

Gorenje Beauty Collection is a new collection of hair care appliances that affords quick and perfect hair styling in the morning, during the day or in the evening. Appliances in trendy colours are easy to use and bring plenty of joy to this daily routine.

Choose the colour of your day - let your hairstyle reflect your mood!

Red ... For glamorously straight hair

Energetic, passionate and self-conscious. When you wish your day to be full of the glamour of shiny straight hair.

Yellow ... For exciting curls

Playful, lively and casual. Stress your youthful side with light curls and shine with all your energy.

Blue ... For immense volume

Mature, concentrated and responsible. Indulge in an elegant hairstyle with immense volume making you shine with elite charm in every situation.