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Every now and then we find ourselves longing for the good old days. When life was simpler, the weather was nicer and times were slower. With the Gorenje Retro Collection you can relive those carefree moments, but now vintage design comes with refreshing advanced technology in an astonishing colour palette. 

Don’t miss the three new colours of Gorenje Retro cooling appliances – Olive, Apple and Copper – in different models, that will perfectly match your every need. And the cherry on top? The charming collection of Gorenje Retro small domestic appliances brings together modern functionalities and nostalgic design. Everything you need, so you can start enjoying your Retro today.

New colours, timeless styles

Stylish additions to your Retro kitchen


Icon - IonAir with MultiFlow 360°

IonAir with MultiFlow 360°

Ideal microclimate on every shelf
Advanced technology in the refrigerators emulates the natural process of ionization to keep the food fresh longer. Negatively charged ions generated by the appliance continuously refresh the air to mimic a natural microclimate, thus creating the ideal environment for fresh food. The MultiFlow 360° ventilation system evenly distributes the ionized air through 14 ventilation slots to maintain constant temperature on every shelf.
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Icon - NoFrost Plus

NoFrost Plus

No more tedious defrosting
One of the best cooling systems in the market, installed in the freezer compartment, prevents the accumulation of ice and frost to keep the power consumption low, while in the refrigerator compartment, it maintains an ideal microclimate for fresh food. Circulation of ionized air prevents the food from drying out and retains its vitamins and minerals.
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Icon - AdaptTech


A refrigerator that recognizes your habits
This smart system was devised to maintain the optimum temperature in the refrigerator regardless of how frequently you open the door. When the door is opened, the temperature suddenly rises and the food is exposed to a thermal shock which in turn causes it to perish sooner. The refrigerator continuously monitors and analyzes the way you use it. Thus, it can predict when you will open the fridge door and just before you do, it decreases the temperature by 1 or 2_°C to make sure constant temperature is maintained and that the food stays fresh and full of nutrients.
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Icon - Perfect toasting every time

Perfect toasting every time

Made easy with illuminated buttons
Simply turn the knob to select the browning level. Customize the heating further by choosing either reheat or defrost setting. Stop toasting at any time if you feel your toasts are done.
Icon - The perfect mixing action

The perfect mixing action

Let a highly trained assistant do the work
The mixing attachment rotates around its axis while the mixing head rotates in the opposite direction, making sure all ingredients are perfectly and evenly mixed. The air will remain in the dough, making it soft and supple. All you have to do is choose the right attachment for your favourite recipe and impress with excellent results.
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Icon - Blending attachment

Blending attachment

An easy way to exceptional purées, sauces, smoothies, soups
High-quality four-blade knife is designed for optimum blending of your ingredients. The blade cover is deep enough to prevent the food from splattering during blending. Blending attachment is easily removable for easy cleaning.
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