VCEA23FGS Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner VCEA23FGS

FLAMENCO Bag Number of nozzles: 3 Turbo brush Universal brush


Icon - Hepa Filtration

Hepa Filtration

More fresh air
The HEPA filter eliminates up to 99.95% of particles from the air, including pollen and mite excrement, which is essential for those suffering from asthma or allergies. All air sucked in by the vacuum cleaner is forced through the HEPA filter where dust and dirt particles are retained by the filter fibres and kept there.
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Icon - Accessories set

Accessories set

3 nozzles
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with three extra nozzles, which simplify the cleaning of your home.
Icon - TextilTube


Flexible canvas hose
Select models of Gorenje vacuum cleaners are supplied with a suction hose made of canvas, which brings a number of advantages. In addition to great flexibility and pleasant feel, the quality fabric makes it extremely resistant to mechanical shock and therefore extra durable.
Icon - SmartParking


SmartParking system
The vacuum cleaners feature a special parking slot that simply and conveniently holds the brush or suction tube after the cleaning or between breaks. Simply insert the tube into the slot where it will wait safely for next use.
Icon - 5BagsExtra


Five supplied bags
Once you buy a Gorenje vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum up to 17.5 litres of dust at no extra cost as five extra bags are supplied with a new vacuum cleaner: three single-use paper bags, one reusable cloth/fabric bag, and one microfilter bag for maximum dust filtration.
Icon - HighPerformance


High motor efficiency
The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a technologically advanced and upgraded HighPerformance motor that boasts remarkable operating efficiency as stronger airflow through the suction tube, hose and the appliance is achieved with lower power consumption and silent operation. Energy-efficient choice with maximum suction power for the best cleaning results.
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Icon - SoftStart


Soft, gradual motor start
Soft start motors are more energy efficient and have a longer useful life. As a result of lower torque during motor start, the load is transmitted to all motor moving parts gradually, which in turn puts less stress on the motor and reduces power consumption.
Icon - Full Indikator

Full Indikator

Full bag/bin indicator
An indicator will let you know when your dust bag or bin is full and has to be replaced or emptied. This has two advantages: it improves cleanliness and protects the motor from overload. When the bag or bin is full, the resistance to the air passing through the vacuum cleaner is greater, putting more stress on the motor.
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Icon - RubberWheels


Rubber-coated casters
Rubber-coated casters prevent damage to delicate flooring like parquet, and provide stable grip. The vacuum cleaner does not leave any marks or scratches as it moves across smooth or hard surfaces.
Icon - SafeHousing


Safe vacuum cleaner housing
Specially designed housing prevents any damage to your home even if you hit an object, wall, furniture etc. with the vacuum cleaner.
Icon - AutoCabel


Automatic cable reel
Automatic cable reel, standard Gorenje vacuum cleaner equipment, will automatically reel the cable back into the appliance housing.

Technical details


Suction power: 167 W


Dry vacuuming

Number of nozzles: 3

Turbo brush

Universal brush

Airflow: 30.7 L/s

Dust bag capacity: 3 l

Type of tube: Telescopic

Tube length: 90 cm

Tube material: Aluminium

HEPA filtration

Control: on appliance

Electronic slider control

Soft start

Dust bag indicator

Paper dust bags: 3

Tekstile bags: 1

Accessories: 3

Cord rewinder

Extensive reach (cable, hose and tube): 21 m

Standing or horizontally

Park position

Number of wheels: 3

Rubber wheels

Colour: Lime Green

Estimated yearly energy consumption: 26 kWh

Length electrical cord: 8.0 m

Noise level: 78 dB(A)re 1 pW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 45.5 × 24 × 31.5 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 51.5 × 32.5 × 32.5 cm

Net weight: 4.8 kg

Gross weight: 8.2 kg

Connected load: 700 W

Product code: 493880

EAN code: 3838942039782



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