SC1800R Steam cleaner


Steam cleaner
Steam preasure: 5 bar Stainless steel evaporator Evaporator capacity: 1 l Adjustable steam power to accommodate any need


Compact, lightweight, and handy

Weighing less than three kilograms and fitted with a 13-meter mains cord and a special carrying belt, this steam cleaner will make sure cleaning does not tire you out.

DirectWater – straight from the tap

Steam cleaner can be used anytime and anywhere as it doesn't require distilled water; tap water will do quite fine.


A special cover on the water tank and a control button on the hose will make operating the steam cleaner perfectly safe. There is no need to worry about getting scalded or burnt.

MultiPurpose – more attachments for perfect cleanliness

Several attachments allow you to use the steam cleaner on a number of different surfaces. The basic nozzle (1) will prove particularly handy when cleaning in the kitchen (gas burners, grill plates, refrigerator grills, etc.); a special attachment with a brush (2) will work very well with ceramic tile joints and car wheels; floor cloth and brush (3) will take care of your flooring and carpets; to remove dirt from glass surfaces such as window panes, the special rubber attachment (4) will be the best choice.
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No chemicals needed

Steam alone, without any chemicals otherwise used in households, can do away with all the dirt. And that is not all: steam will also eliminate mites, salmonella, bacteria, and other allergens, without any damage to the surfaces you are cleaning.

Red or green?

Indicator light will inform you at all times whether the appliance is ready for work or not. Red indicates that the water is only heating up; green indicates that required temperature has been reached and that cleaning may begin.

Stainless steel tank

One litre stainless steel water tank will allow you to use your steam cleaner continuously for up to 45 minutes.

Technical details

Steam preasure: 5 bar

Stainless steel evaporator

Evaporator capacity: 1 l

Adjustable steam power to accommodate any need

Red operation indicator

Microfiber cloth

Window cleaning attachment

Steam cleaning attachment

Cleaning cloth attachment

Number of small brushes: 2

Convenient transport strap

Funnel for easy refilling

Double safety system allows completely care-free use

Length electrical cord: 5 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 49 × 39 × 39 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 50 × 34 × 26 cm

Net weight: 2.9 kg

Gross weight: 5.2 kg

Connected load: 1,800 W

Product code: 255897

EAN code: 3838942549397


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