BPC2B Power blender

Power blender BPC2B

Power blender Motor Power (max): 1,500 W Number of spins (max-min): 30,000 rpm Number of speed level for quick results: 9 AC motor for reliable operation
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Icon - Control knob with LCD + 6 preset programs

Control knob with LCD + 6 preset programs

The round knob on the front of the appliance has a built-in round liquid crystal display that offers a perfect view of set time and speed. With a gentle turn of the knob you can select one of the preset programs (fruit, vegetables, ice, soy milk, nut, smooth) and start blending by pressing the start button.
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Icon - Powerful motor

Powerful motor

The base of a power blender is its motor. Durable, with 1,500 W max power, it will blend the ingredients into fine silky liquid or into powder. With 30,000 rpm, overheat protection and auto shut-off you can be sure it will always meet your highest expectations.
Icon - Quadro jug

Quadro jug

Stylishly designed 2-litre jug has specially edged corners, so the ingredients are flipped towards the middle of the jug onto the blades during blending. That means none of the ingredients pass by the blades. The jug is made of Tritan, is BPA-free, and has measurement marks in millilitres and cups for precise dosing of ingredients. The lid on the jug enables adding ingredients even when blending, and the tamper helps you push the ingredients near the blades.
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Icon - Stainless steel blade

Stainless steel blade

Innovatively crafted stainless steel blade will cut through moist and dry ingredients even without added liquids. Its special shape allows precise and fine cutting even at high speeds. The blades are sharp and strong enough to crush ice and hard foods.
Icon - Easy to clean

Easy to clean

Cleaning the jug of the power blender is a breeze. Just pour water into the jug and press the “clean” button on the control panel. The power of the fast spinning blades will create a vortex effect which will thoroughly clean the inside of the jug.
Icon - Wet or dry blending

Wet or dry blending

No fluids needed
This high-end Gorenje Power Blender will enrich your meals and allow you to take an important step towards a healthier lifestyle. It can be used to make simple smoothies, nutritious smoothies with green vegetables, more complex food, for dry grinding of seeds and nuts, or to make dips and spreads.
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Technical details

Motor Power (max): 1,500 W

AC motor for reliable operation

Number of spins (max-min): 30,000 rpm

Dishwasher safe for fast and efficient cleaning

Easy cleaning

Efficient six-blade knife

Dry mixing

Number of presets: 6

Presets for quick start: Fruit, Ice crushing, Nuts, Pulse operation for short cycles, Smooth, Soya milk, Vegetables

On/off button

Number of speed level for quick results: 9

Shut-off timer for care-free use

Pulse operation for shorter mixing cycles

Clearly laid out LED display

Jug Volume: 2 l

Measurement scale on the bowl for perfectly accurate dosing

Measuring bowl allows you to easy follow the recipes

Opening in the cover

Reel compartment guarantees easy storage

Rubber feet for stability


Container from tritan

Overheat protection for extra safety

Safety switch for perfect safety

Material: Plastic + metal

Colour: Black

Length electrical cord: 1.3 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 23.2 × 54.5 × 22 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 42.7 × 26 × 31.8 cm

Net weight: 5.3 kg

Gross weight: 7.1 kg

Connected load: 1,500 W

Product code: 521350

EAN code: 3838942085345


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