R607A Food slicer

Food slicer R607A

Cut thickness: 0-15 mm


Icon - Solingen Blade

Solingen Blade

Quality beyond dispute
Accurate and smooth slicing is ensured because of high quality stainless steel blade from Solingen, the world famous city of blades.
Icon - Slovenian Quality

Slovenian Quality

Proud to be Slovenian
Food slicer is developed, designed and produced in Slovenia. It's made completely from BPA free materials.
Icon - Adjustable Slice Thickness

Adjustable Slice Thickness

From deli-thin to thick slices
Quickly and simply slice meat, bread, fruit and vegetables. Use the slice thickness knob to set the blade clearance, or slice thickness, between 0 and 15 millimetres. High-quality Solingen blade ensures smooth and accurate slicing.
Icon - Save Your Money

Save Your Money

Buy in bulk
By buying larger chunks or in bulk, you will save money, yet you will always be ready to serve perfectly sliced cheese, meat produce, bread, vegetables or fruit. You can also buy fresh meat in larger chunks and slice the steaks of desired thickness yourself.
Icon - Designed with your safety in mind

Designed with your safety in mind

Safety first
The slicer features a safety system for simple and safe slicing. To operate it, use safety button first and then on button. When the appliance is not in use, turn the thickness setting knob to "0" which is the safe position.

Technical details

Dishwasher safe for fast and efficient cleaning

Instant power-On/Off with protector

Removable sleds for easy cleaning

Vacuum feet for perfect stability

Safety switch for perfect safety

Material: Plastic + metal

Blade: Solingen

Cut thickness: 0-15 mm

Blade diameter: 17 cm

Serrated high-quality stainless steel blade

Dimensions (W×H×D): 33 × 23.3 × 23 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 38.5 × 27 × 28.5 cm

Net weight: 2.1 kg

Gross weight: 2.7 kg

Connected load: 110 W

Product code: 731532

EAN code: 3838782143106


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