SIT2400CGI Steam iron

Steam iron SIT2400CGI

Heater power: 2,400 W Digital temperature adjustment for accurate settings Temperature indicator for full control


Icon - IONIC Soleplate

IONIC Soleplate

Silky Ironing & Easy Crease Removal
High quality die cast aluminium soleplate has ceramic coating enriched with tourmaline crystal. With the continuous release of negative ions it effectively reduces sparking during ironing and neutralizes positively charged ions on the fabrics. The static electricity effect is reduced and silky ironing is easily achieved. At the same time elements inside the coating dissociate water molecules into smaller water molecules which penetrate to fabrics easier, soften the fabrics and effectively remove the creases.
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Icon - Full Steam

Full Steam

Steam ironing
Steam power can be adjusted in levels. For even more efficient ironing, there is also a function to deliver a powerful blast of steam that helps remove stubborn creases. It also enables vertical ironing with the use of steam, which is useful for removing creases from hanging clothes and curtains.
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Icon - Auto shut off

Auto shut off

Leaving your iron unattended? No problem.
Auto shut off works in three different ways. If you leave the iron placed horizontally on the surface or if it falls sideways, it will shut off automatically after 30 seconds. If the iron is turned on, but not used for a while and placed vertically, it will turn off automatically after 8 minutes. When you move the iron, a sensor will detect this and reactivate the iron.
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Technical details

Heater power: 2,400 W

Anti-limescale system for a long useful life of the iron

No-drip system

Vertical ironing for sensitive fabric

Ironing without steam

Ironing with dry steam

Advance pump

Number of power levels: 9

Digital temperature adjustment for accurate settings

Temperature indicator for full control

Steam release regulator: 50 g/min

Steam blast for immediate extra steam: 130 g/min

Tip for precision ironing

Directed spray nozzle

Blue digital display unit

Reel compartment guarantees easy storage

Water can be refilled during ironing

Very useful, large feed opening with a cover

Dosing cup

Ergonomic design for a perfect fit

Rubber handle for better grip

Rubber feet for stability

Automatic power-off

Triple independent protection

Water tank capacity: 0.33 l

Material: Plastic + metal

Length electrical cord: 2.0 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 30 × 14.5 × 11 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 32 × 15.5 × 12.5 cm

Net weight: 1.3 kg

Gross weight: 1.7 kg

Connected load: 2,400 W

Product code: 423425

EAN code: 3838942927041


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