H45W Air humidifier

Air humidifier H45W

Air humidifier Surface area: 20 m² The latest ultra sonic technology Mist for unique atmopshere: Mist for unique atmopshere


Icon - Ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic technology

Invisible, yet powerful
A membrane in the humidifier, vibrated by ultrasound, moves the water and releases tiny water droplets from the surface. The fan then draws in the air to humidify it with the released water droplets, and releases it gently upwards into the room in a gentle stream.
Icon - Cool mist

Cool mist

Natural sensation
Special technology turns water into mist, creating a unique atmosphere in your home. The mist is cool, which gives a natural sensation and evokes the freshness of a spring morning in the woods.
Icon - 3 ways of adding water

3 ways of adding water

Multiple options
You can fill the water tank directly through the water filling nozzle or without the upper cover. Third option is to place the water tank under the tap. Maintaining proper humidity levels helps reduce static electricity and keeps throat and nasal passages hydrated.
Icon - 360˚ adjustable mist outlet

360˚ adjustable mist outlet

Personalized mist comfort
This humidifier produces a fine, soothing mist, while the 360-degree mist outlet with variable mist control lets you control the mist to your personalized comfort.
Icon - Easy to use

Easy to use

Optimal control
You can adjust humidity level simply with a button. Blue, green or lime green colour of button indicates the level of humidity (blue for high and lime green for low level). The red light will also let you know when the water tank is empty.
Icon - Compact design

Compact design

Lightweight and easy to store
This humidifier’s compact design and light weight (1.18 kg) makes it easy to move from one room to another.
Icon - Silent operation

Silent operation

Noiseless atmosphere
The ultrasonic technology allows whisper quiet operation (38 dB) that won’t disturb while you work or sleep. Just create a comfortable, moisture-rich ambience and enjoy it.

Technical details

Improves relative humidity

Volume of water container: 4.5 l

The latest ultra sonic technology

Mist for unique atmopshere: Mist for unique atmopshere

Modern design

White operation indicator

Surface area: 20 m²

Material: Plastic

Noise level: 38 dB(A)re 1 pW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 17 × 35 × 17 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 22.2 × 39 × 22.2 cm

Net weight: 1.2 kg

Gross weight: 1.6 kg

Connected load: 23 W

Product code: 737211

EAN code: 3838782452017


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