FDK500GCW Food dryer

Food dryer FDK500GCW

Food dryer Heater power: 380 W Number of drying trays: 5 Number of blowing levels: 1 Even drying across drawers Time settings for full customization


Icon - Heat distribution

Heat distribution

No mixing of flavours
Food dehydrator boasts vertical airflow with heat starting from the bottom and gradually moving across up the trays, propelled by a fan. As a result, the flavours do not mix and you can dry various types of food in the same batch.
Icon - Adjustable thermostat and timer

Adjustable thermostat and timer

Food drying to your wishes
Digital controls with LED display afford great control over your food. You can adjust the drying temperature between 35 and 70 °C, in 5 °C increments, and the timer can be used to set the dehydration time from 30 minutes to 19.5 hours. An acoustic signal indicates the end of the drying process.
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Icon - See-through housing

See-through housing

Keeping an eye
A see-through cover and transparent trays allow you to easily keep an eye on the dehydrating process to prevent over- or under-drying and to make sure your veggies and fruit stay as crisp as you want them to be.

Technical details

Round trays

Tray height setting for drying several types of food simultaneously

Number of drying trays: 5

Number of blowing levels: 1

Simple tray replacement

Even drying across drawers

Preservation of vitamins and minerals

Simple electronic control

Time settings for full customization

Time setting min: 0.5 h

Time setting max: 19.5 h

Minimum temperature: 35 ˚C

Maximum temperature: 70 ˚C

Info display: LCD white

Suitable for drying: Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Cookies, Herbs, Mushrooms, Fish, Bread, Pasta

Rubber feet for stability

Automatic power-off

Material: Plastic + metal

Heater power: 380 W

Tray diameter: 310 mm

Length electrical cord: 1.1 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 31 × 31 × 31 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 31.5 × 32 × 31.5 cm

Net weight: 2.8 kg

Gross weight: 3.9 kg

Connected load: 380 W

Product code: 673853

EAN code: 3838782069390


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