Healthy steaming

What is cooking with steam all about?

Steam cooking is fast, simple, and healthy as it involves only a small amount of water which boils in contact with hot air and evaporates into steam, and requires no extra fat. 

During the cooking process, food is not in direct contact with boiling water and therefore won’t overcook. Rather, it will retain the precious vitamins, nutrients, natural colour, softness, juiciness, and full flavour. 

Other ways to use gorenje steam tower in your kitchen

Slow cookingSlow cooking introduces a new dimension of ideally cooked food to your kitchen. Due to extended cooking, the meat is tenderer while still juicy and nutritious.
BakingSteam Tower is also an excellent baking accessory. The bottom tray can easily be used as a convenient baking tray to make deliciously crunchy dishes.
DehydratingApart from snacks, dried fruit, vegetables, and herbs are important ingredients for your culinary creations as they retain important vitamins and minerals. With the Steam Tower, food can be dehydrated quickly, in all three bowls simultaneously.
MarinatingMeat that has spent some time in a delicious marinade can be even softer and more flavourful as the interplay of aromas tickles your taste buds. Leave the meat to marinate in the bottom tray, covered with a lid. Meanwhile, you can prepare other food.
ServingAll three bowls feature sophisticated design that makes them ideal for immediate serving of your main course, straight from the oven to the table. The lid can be used as a separate tray or as a hot pot stand.
StrainingNo more extra kitchen utensils and accessories, and major time savings when cooking. After cooking, the multi-purpose perforated bowls can also be used as strainers. Thus, pasta will be ready to serve even quicker.
StoringStoring cooked food and other ingredients is now even simpler. Simply cover the bottom tray with a lid and store it in the fridge.