SGT2400V PRO Electronic iron-steam generator

Electronic iron-steam generator SGT2400V PRO

Heater power: 2,400 W Temperature indicator for full control Perfect glide soleplate for smooth gliding


Icon - Perfect glide soleplate

Perfect glide soleplate

Gliding smoothly over any fabric
This iron has an advanced perfect glide soleplate made out of ceramic providing even steam distribution through its carefully designed vent holes. Because of low friction and optimal gliding you get excellent ironing results with every type of fabric. It is scratch resistant and easy to clean.
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Icon - Steam Generator

Steam Generator

Powerful and constant steam flow
With the help of a built-in pump steam is produced under strong pressure and it penetrates deeper into the fabric. This ensures easier removal of stubborn creases. Steam is evenly distributed. There is no leaking of the water, which is extremely important in the case of delicate fabrics as drops of water can cause stains.
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Icon - Aqua Meter

Aqua Meter

Low, medium or high water hardness?
Check water hardness level with supplied indicators. For best results adjust the settings on your iron station. Be aware that tap water contains many minerals and may also contain some dirt. We recommend using distilled water to extend the lifespan and efficiency of the iron.
Icon - Tank Capacity

Tank Capacity

No time lost due to water addition during ironing session
No pile is too high when you finally tackle ironing. The size of the water tank is sufficient for ironing large quantities of laundry. Easy removable tank allows refilling without waiting or switching off the appliance.
Icon - P-Temp Function

P-Temp Function

Perfect combination of temperature & steam
With the P-TEMP function you will be able to iron most of the fabrics without any manual adjustment of temperature and steam amount. This function has a preset optimal combination of temperature and amount of steam for perfect results. You can change your ironing settings to one of the nine preset programs (e.g. linen, wool, silk) at any time.
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Icon - Anti-Scale System

Anti-Scale System

No more problems with limescale
Equipped with a replaceable anti-scale system will serve you well for a long time. The light and / or audio signal will remind you that the replacement of anti-scale cartridge is needed. If you don't have one at hand, you may continue to use the station with destilled water.
Icon - Ready to iron in 2 min

Ready to iron in 2 min

No waiting
Just 2 minutes are needed from turning on your steam station to the start of ironing. Only so much steam station needs to heat water and to adapt the desired mode ironing.

Technical details

Heater power: 2,400 W

Perfect glide soleplate for smooth gliding

Anti-limescale system for a long useful life of the iron

No-drip system

Vertical ironing for sensitive fabric

Ironing without steam

Ironing with dry steam

ECO program for economical use

Temperature indicator for full control

Steam release regulator: 99 g/min

Steam blast for immediate extra steam: 250 g/min

Tip for precision ironing

Blue digital display unit

Water hardness indicator

Water level indicator

Cartridge status indicator

Water can be refilled during ironing

Very useful, large feed opening with a cover

Removable water tank for easy maintenance

Steaming boiler

Ergonomic design for a perfect fit

Rubber handle for better grip

Rubber feet for stability

Automatic power-off

Water tank capacity: 1.20 l

Steam pressure: 6 bar

Material: Plastic + metal

Length electrical cord: 1.9 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 37 × 31.5 × 24 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 45 × 34 × 26 cm

Net weight: 4.1 kg

Gross weight: 5.2 kg

Connected load: 2,400 W

Product code: 512935

EAN code: 3838942067334


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