Life is complex. Let’s make laundry simpleNEW WaveActive TUMBLE DRYERS

Gorenje WaveActive dryers are made to get the work done in an effective, easy-to-handle and eco-friendly manner. 

WaveActive drying features include cutting-edge drying technologies:

  • Programs designed to rehydrate the fibers making clothes smoother and less wrinkled
  • IonTech charging the drying air with negatively charged ions that tackles allergens and bad odour
  • SteamTech providing additional steam treatment for much smoother clothes

All WaveActive generation washers meet the highest environment standards and boast extreme energy efficiency with up to A energy ratings.

Enjoy doing your favorite things. Leave the laundry to us. 


Discover WaveActive tumble dryers

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Minimize creasing. Maximize freshness
Air full of negatively charged ions dries the laundry in a way that considerably reduces creasing of your clothes. The ionizer creates an environment free of most allergens, smoke residues, pollen and the electrostatic charge accumulated during the drying process. As a result, the clothes are easier to iron and they smell fresh.
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For smoother, wrinkle-free clothes
Additional steam treatment at the end of the selected programme will make sure your clothes are much smoother and free of allergens and bad odours. The drum is filled with steam that penetrates every fibre for softer laundry that hardly requires any ironing.
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Icon - Inverter PowerDrive

Inverter PowerDrive

Powerful, yet silent motor
This quiet, but very efficient motor is designed for a long life of your dryer, saving energy with each cycle.

WaveActive drum

Sensitive treatment of any garment
The unique wave-shaped drum pattern softens the fibres for the most gentle treatment of all kinds of fabrics. You’ll have perfectly dry laundry with minimum wrinkles.


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Drying tips and tricks

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