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Gorenje tumble dryer with SensoCare technology will perfectly match all your laundry needs:

  • Its drum delivers the power of negative ions that make the laundry extra soft, pleasantly smelling, and free of allergens.
  • It also dries the laundry in a way that makes ironing very easy and often not required at all.
  • With GentleCare mode for delicate drying, you can now dry almost all your garments.

That’s how simple it is to do a perfect laundry.

Discover SensoCare Tumble dryers

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Tackling the allergies with ions
In SensoCare dryers, air full of negatively charged ions drys the laundry in a way that considerably reduces creasing of your clothes. The ionizer creates an environment free of most allergens, residues of smoke and pollen, and the electrostatic charge accumulated during the drying process. As a result, the clothes have a better smell and they are easier to iron.
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Fewer creases, less ironing
Additional steam treatment at the end of the selected programme will make sure your clothes are much smoother. The drum is filled with steam that penetrates every fibre for softer laundry that hardly requires any ironing.
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HeatPump with TwinAir

Revolutionary drying efficiency
All heat pump dryers boast high energy efficiency. High end models rank in the A+++ energy class, saving 50% of energy compared to those in the A energy class. Gorenje A+++ class dryer with a capacity of 9 kg is unique in the market. Optimized heat pump in one of the largest drums in the world, with a capacity of 120 litres, can easily deal with major amounts of laundry. This is also made possible by the broader air channels. It also dries more gently than conventional drying systems. The temperature in the dryer is at the ideal 50 °C to prevent from overdrying.
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SensoCare technology

Sensationally soft laundry
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The SensoCare technology makes sure that each type of fabric is dried in the best possible way. The combination of temperature, steam, drying time, and drum rotation afford drying conditions tailored to your laundry. While NormalCare delivers improved drying programs for all types of laundry, GentleCare will provide a friendlier care for your delicates.


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