DHGA901NL Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer DHGA901NL

Heat pump dryer Heat pump Drying capacity: Large drum volume - 9 kg Energy class: A++ IonTech technology


Large Porthole

Large porthole & Easy loading
Because of the conveniently placed filter, Hisense drying machines boast one of the largest porthole doors on the market. Super easy and convenient for loading and unloading the machine.

Wave Plus Drum

Soft touch
Maximum drying performance and innovative drum design enable efficient and gentle drying of your clothes. Your garments are left soft and smooth with almost no need for ironing.

Easy Clean Filter

As easy as it gets
This filter is easy to reach and clean, because it is conveniently placed on the door. You can either clean it with a damp cloth or simply remove it and wash it under running water. Remember to clean it regulary for an optimal drying effects.

Big Door Opening

Easy loading
Hisense washing machines boast one of the largest porthole doors on the market. Super easy and convenient for loading and unloading the machine.

Child Lock

Washing without interruptions
By pressing a special combination you can lock the control panel, so children can't change the settings during the wash cycle.

Drum Illumination

Better view of your laundry
Thanks to a special LED light built into the drum you will never miss a sock, hair band or any other small item again. Elegant illumination of the drum makes it easy to load and unload the dryer, especially if it's placed in a darker space.

Ion Refresh

Ready to wear, again
The sophisticated ion treatment will easily remove any unpleasant odours and leave your clothes smelling and feeling fresh in just 30 minutes.

Start Delay

Have your dry clothes when you want them
Set the end of your drying program in advance so your dry clothes won‘t be too long in the dryer. This way you‘ll prevent your load from overdrying and getting completely wrinkled clothes.

Anti Crease Technology

Keeping your dried laundry almost wrinkle-free
Don't worry if you forgot to unload the dryer after the cycle has ended, because Anti Crease technology reduces the wrinkles to minimum. For up to 3 hours dryer will automatically tumble you laundry by rotating the drum, making it almost crease-free.

Half Load

Drying in less time
Use Half Load program when you want to dry only a few items and not a ful load. The expected drying time will be halved and your clothes dry in under 2 hours.

Gentle Dry

Treat your laundry with softness
This program works at low temperature of 40 °C to keep the delicate laundry in its original shape and top quality. It is a perfect programe for delicate garments such as silk blouses and wollen clothes. Because of the longer drying time, gentle heat and minimal tumbling clothes won‘t deform or damage.
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Heat Pump

Efficient and gentle drying
Heat pump dryer uses recycled hot air to dry clothes by extracting moisture from the laundry. This enables it to work at lower temperatures than a conventional dryer, keeping the clothes in top shape. It's a cost efficient and environment friendly technology.

Twin Flow

Smart airflow for perfect
Drying bedding or big towels can be a challenge, but not for Hisense tumble dryers fitted with the Twin Flow feature. Using special technology that adapts bi-directional airflow with drum rotation you can always expect perfect drying results, no matter the size of the items that need drying. Everything will be evenly dried, without getting tangled.
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Ion Plus

Less static charge, less wrinkles and less odours
The Ion Plus feature successfully uses ions during the drying process to make your clothes soft, fresh and free of static charge.

A Class Condensation

Enjoy your dry and health environment
Hisense tumble dryers achieve the highest condensation efficiency class by collecting all the excess water from clothes to the water tank, leaving the minimal moist and warm air to enter the closed space. This prevents condensation on the wall and mold build-up, creating more healthy and pleasant environment.
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Technical details

Energy class: A++

Condensation efficiency class: Condensation efficiency class A

Colour: White

Wave Plus Drum

Drying capacity: Large drum volume - 9 kg

Twin Flow

Drum illumination: Yes

Door diameter: 35 cm

Door opening angle: 180 °

Reversible drum action

Direct discharge of condensate

Personal settings for all programmes

Type of display: LED display

Keys: Start/Pause

14 programmes

Programmes: Bedding, Wool, Shirts, Mix dry, Mix iron dry, IonRefresh

Drying time selection: Step setting


Half load

Dryness level setting

Anti Crease

Start Delay

Refresh function

Dryer modes

IonTech technology

Audio signal

Simple interface

Easy filter cleaning

Signal for "full water container"

Remaining time on display

Humidity sensor

Lockable control panel

Long lasting stainless steel drum

Noise level drying: 65 dB(A)re 1 pW

Estimated yearly energy consumption: 259.2 kWh

Hermetically sealed: Yes

Type of refrigerant: R134A

Global warming potential (GWP): 1430 GWP

Quantity of fluorinated gases: 0.33 kg

The quantity expressed in CO2 equivalent: 0.2 t

Product contains fluorinated green-house gases: Yes

Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 85 × 62.5 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64 × 87 × 69 cm

Net weight: 50.5 kg

Gross weight: 52.4 kg

Stand-by power consumption: 0.6 W

Connected load: 800 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 736742

EAN code: 3838782436444


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