Washing & Drying

Choosing the right washing machine

A washing machine is a household appliance that we can hardly imagine living without. A well-thought-out purchase can equip you with a washing machine that will be a faithful household assistant to you for many years to come!

Everything you wanted to know about tumble dryers

A washing machine is a standard equipment in virtually every household, while a tumble dryer still enjoys the status of a luxury item.

Icon - WaveActive drum

WaveActive drum

Sensitive treatment of any garment
The unique wave-shaped drum pattern in combination with special wave-shaped 3D ribs softens the fibres to provide the most gentle garment treatment for perfectly clean laundry with a minimum wrinkles.
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For smoother, wrinkle-free clothes
Additional steam treatment at the end of the selected programme will make sure your clothes are much smoother and free of allergens and bad odours. The drum is filled with steam that penetrates every fibre for softer laundry that hardly requires any ironing.
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Icon - IonTech


Removes 30 % more stains
IonTech uses the power of the natural ionisation process to remove impurities more effectively without high temperatures or additional chemicals. The detergent dissolves better in the water, allowing the cleaning solution to penetrate your laundry evenly. The result is 30 % more stains removed, even at low temperatures. IonTech also prevents the deposit of limescale on the heater which prolongs the washing machine's useful life.
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