BPSA6747A08BG Built-in pyrolytic single oven

Built-in pyrolytic single oven BPSA6747A08BG

IconTouch Built-in pyrolytic single oven Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 59.5 × 56.4 cm


Icon - PyroClean


Premium self-cleaning function
Pyrolytic cleaning is the most efficient way to clean an oven with extremely high temperatures that leave the oven spotless. To ensure safety, the oven is locked during and immediately after the cleaning process and when it cools off, you just have to wipe away the leftover ash with a damp cloth.
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Icon - AutoBake


When you don't know how
Gorenje OptiBake ovens provide fully automatic cooking programs with 22 of the most popular recipes to choose from, just ideal for beginners. Extensivelly tested by Gorenje experts, the AutoBake programs are fail-safe, delivering great results even without preheating.
All that the user needs to do in few cases is choose the dish type and weight and press start. The oven will do the rest.
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Icon - BakeSensor


Perfectly baked, every time
By controlling the temperature inside the food, the BakeSensor manages the entire process and even activates the alarm when the dish is done.


77 l volume
Ready for XXL recipes? Innovative design solution allows a larger interior, and the oven width is fully used. There is more space on each baking tray and the superior technology makes sure the food is cooked evenly on all levels.

DC+ System

Effective heat management
The DynamiCooling system efficiently cools the oven exterior (or housing) to prevent any damage caused by high temperature. In ovens with the DynamiCooling+ system, the heat sensors regulate the cooling of the oven exterior walls until they reach a temperature of 60 °C. This is particularly convenient in ovens with the pyrolytic cleaning function which works with extremely high temperatures.
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For last minute inspiration
OptiBake ovens reach a temperature of up to 200 ˚C in just 5 minutes, saving 30 % of the time needed by standard preheating and making them one of the fastest ovens on the market.
This is very convenient for recipes that
require a preheated oven. A light and sound signal informs you when the temperature is just right.​
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The fastest way to bake frozen goodies
This efficient baking program is the perfect choice for all frozen food and pre-prepared meals.


For super tender and juicy food
This function is all about gentle, slow and even baking. This way, the moisture is locked inside and the food stays staying super tender and juicy. Suitable for preparing meat, fish or pastry on one level.

GentleClose & GentleOpen

Let your cooking make the noise
Only a soft touch is needed to open or close the oven door smoothly, without any noise.

HomeMade shape

Evenly baked every time
Gorenje ovens are well known for their innovative rounded cavity, which has been their distinctive feature for many years. The HomeMade shape was inspired by the traditional wood burning ovens and ensures better circulation of air compared to competitors.
Now, the HomeMade shape has been completely revamped and the airflow perfected due to a new heater design and the improved distribution of the ventilation openings. That is why the temperature is stable throughout the oven.
Never again will your dishes be burnt on one side and underdone on the other.
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MultiLevel baking

When you want to make it all
Combination of smart air movement, evenly distributed spaces between the tray positions and special slightly rounded cavity ensure the food is evenly baked on every level and since the oven volume is larger, the overview is excellent as well.​​


A double heater for evenly crispy food
The best baking results are achieved with a combination of larger and smaller heaters, where the latter is positioned inside the larger one. The smart positioning of the heaters allows optimal heat distribution and provides the ultimate baking results every time, so food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
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Perforated enamled tray

For all your airfried masterpieces
The perforated enameled tray allows an increased flow of hot air, making all your airfried dishes extra crispy and delicious. At the same time it is also appopriate for steaming the dishes in ovens featuring SteamAssist function.

Pizza function

Best pizza in town
This program with setting of baking temperature up to 300o C was specifically designed to help you bake the perfect pizza, focaccia, flatbread and similar baked delicacies.

Removable glass door

Easy access, easy cleaning
Door glasses can be easily removed, ensuring easier cleaning and therefor always superb view into the oven.


For the perfect crunch
By adding the water into the water tank in the control panel you`ll get perfect steamed food and crunchy crust.
When choosing a program, which is having the possibility to add steam in the baking process, the oven will
let you know when the time is right. Depending on the model of the oven, you have to press a central knob or either touch the function on the display to activate the steam injection.
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Perfect food in 2 or 3 steps
StepBake allows the cook complete control of the baking process, which can be manually programed. Simply set the parameters for each of the desired 2 or 3 steps and the oven will take care of everything. No further interaction needed, all that‘s left for you to do is enjoy the final result.
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Telescopic guides

For easy and safe handling of baking trays
Smooth running telescopic guides provide a perfect overview of the baking process, as well as safer and easier handling of baking trays. Depending on the model, Gorenje OptiBake ovens feature ¾ extendable telescopic guides on one or two levels. As an additional option we are also offering flexible one level telescopic guides that can be simply clicked on the desired level of wire guides.
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Quadro Ultra CoolDoor

Safe and energy efficient
Special quadruple glazing isolates the pyrolytic ovens, making it even safer for the users, especially if they have children or pets. Additionally, since the heat is kept inside, energy consumption is optimized, making the oven wallet-and environment-friendly.
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Technical details

Advanced Line

Energy class: A+

Colour: Black

Handle colour: Colour of dark grey brushed stainless steel

Control panel material: Glass

Eco enamel (oven and baking tray)

Multisystem oven BigSpace - 77 l SuperSize baking area

Usable oven volume: 77 l

Maximum oven temperature: 300 °C

Surface of the largest baking pan: 1,360 cm²

Removable flat oven inner door glass surface

HomeMade Plus shape: HomeMade Plus shape


Knob shape: Ergonomic knobs


Heating types:
Lower and upper heater
Conventional with ventilation
Infra heater
Infra heater with ventilation
Lower heater with circular heater and fan
Sabbath mode
Upper heater with circular heater and fan
Small infra grill with circular heater
Small infra grill with lower heater and fan
Large infra heater with lower heater






Pizza function

SoftOpen and GentleClose door hinge

Sabbath mode




Baking on different levels at the same time

Interior light: Double illumination

1 Deep tray

1 Shallow tray

1 enameled perforated baking pan

1 Premium grill rack


Partially extendable telescopic guides on two levels

Water container: 0.13 l

Dynamic oven cooling plus - DC+

Quadruple glazed oven door with one heat deflector (UltraCoolDoorQuadro)

Pyrolytic cleaning

EcoClean enamel

Energy consumption: 0.71 kWh (venting), 0.97 kWh (conventional)

Grill power: 2,300 W

Nominal power: 3.5 kW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 59.5 × 56.4 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 62 × 66 × 67.5 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD) (min-max): 56-56.4 × 59-60 × 55 cm

Net weight: 29 kg

Gross weight: 31 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 1 W

Connected load: 3,500 W

Product code: 738010

EAN code: 3838782477966


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