MO20S4BC Microwave oven - regular

Microwave oven - regular MO20S4BC

Electronic control Dimensions (W×H×D): 45 × 26 × 34 cm


Icon - 360° Stir Technology

360° Stir Technology

Flatbed system for even cooking
With this advanced technology, microwaves travel under the ceramic bottom of the oven cavity and penetrate the food through the entire surface from there. Uniform distribution of the microwaves leads to optimum heating. Special ceramic plate replaces the turntable and affords more useful space and even easier cleaning.
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Icon - Aqua Clean

Aqua Clean

Automatic cleaning without detergents
Oven interior can be cleaned by filling a high-temperature-resistant glass or clay cup with tap water, placing it in the oven, and activating the AquaClean program. The resulting steam will soften any dirt on the oven walls. At the end of the program, simply clean the oven with a damp cloth.
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Icon - Defrost


Simple and efficient defrosting
This microwave is simple, but it has it all. It also stands out with the efficient defrosting preset that will evenly and quickly defrost any deep-frozen item.
Icon - Five power settings

Five power settings

Tailor your cooking experience
Tailor your cooking experience by choosing the right power level. High power is great if you want to heat something as quickly as possible. Boiling water or cooking non-creamy soups are good examples of when the highest power setting is appropriate. Medium-high settings allow you to steam or fry foods, while low settings are gentler, suitable for cooking creamy soupsand can also act as a dehydrator.
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Icon - 11 Preset Programmes

11 Preset Programmes

Optimal results, every time
Several models come with (auto)menus featuring preset recipes to make the preparation of certain dishes even easier. You select on the oven the type of food you want to prepare and enter its weight, and the oven automatically chooses the ideal programme and time for optimal results.

Cooking End Signal

Saves your precious time
The microwave will let you know when the cooking has ended. So no need to stare into microwave during the cooking, rather prepare the table or read the news in the meantime.
Icon - Timer


Countdown Timer
The fastest use of microwave is just to set the operating time. The timer is clearly displayed and indicates the time remaining until the end of the cooking process.

Technical details

Colour: Black

Eco enamel (oven and baking tray)

Door material: Glass

Front panel material: Plastic

Door open type: Handle

Door opening: Hinge on left side

Oven volume: 20 l

Number of power levels: 5

Microwave power: 700 W

Technology of producing microwaves: Standard technology (HTV)

Type of microwave distribution: Stirrer

Electronic control

Input type: Key, Jogger

Time display

Display can be switched off

Sound signal: Off option

Timer range (min): 60 min

Combined heating: Microwaves

Speed and auto defrost (by time and weight)

AquaClean function

AUTO menu

Preinstalled programmes: 11

Dimensions (W×H×D): 45 × 26 × 34 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 49 × 28.7 × 36 cm

Net weight: 13.8 kg

Gross weight: 15.1 kg

Connected load: 1,150 W

Product code: 738796

EAN code: 3838782519888