How to choose the right oven for your kitchen?

Selecting the right oven for your kitchen doesn’t have to be a tedious task! We gathered expert information to bring you the ultimate guide to buying the right oven for your household. Ranging from single to compact ovens, we’re here to give you a full breakdown to make your buying process a little bit easier!

Here is what we have prepared for you:

Which style of built-in oven to choose?

There are several factors you will need to consider when buying a new oven. Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you in the handy overview below:

  • Size: single 60cm, compact 45cm or built-in microwave 38cm.
  • Cleaning programmes: pyro-cleaning, catalytic or aqua cleaning.
  • Colours and styles: retro or contemporary, inox, white or black.
  • Steam or no steam: do you require additional features such as steam oven settings

Buying an oven is an investment that will span a period of several years if not a decade. Take the time to consider what’s out there and compare the options with your own needs.

Let’s have a look at what these options there are.

There are several different styles on built-in ovens on the market. Integrated or built-in ovens are conveniently tucked under a kitchen counter, blending seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

They come in various different options.

Built-in electric ovens and grills will offer you more flexibility, allowing you to grill tender meats and vegetables to perfection.

The best integrated ovens will allow you to use the standard oven, grill and fan functions, as well as offer self-cleaning options described below. 

How to clean an oven? Regular vs. Catalytic vs. Pyrolytic oven

Cleaning an oven is a task that very few of us would be looking forward to. In fact, it’s safe to say it’s one of the least popular household chores. This is why it's not surprising that self-cleaning oven features are all at rage. 

There are two types of self-cleaning ovens: catalytic and pyrolytic. 

A catalytic oven can be heated up to around 200°C during its self-cleaning programme. For best results, the programme should be used on a monthly basis (depending on the frequency of use this might be shorter or longer). 

This type of oven is equipped with so-called catalytic liners, treated with highly efficient chemicals and materials that absorbs food residue and grease. After the self-cleaning programme has finished, all you need to do is simply wipe away any residue.

Pyrolytic cleaning is the most simple and effective type of self-cleaning. It can reach temperatures over 400°C, meaning that any food residue will simply be turned into ash. This makes pyrolytic ovens not just incredibly effective, but also very simple to use. All you need to do is simply sweep away the remaining ash once the self-cleaning cycle has completed and the oven has cooled down to a safe temperature.
Regular Oven Catalytic Pyrolytic
More affordable
Easy to clean
Self-cleaning up to 220°C
Self-cleaning up to (or over) 400°C
No manual cleaning required
Removes sugar
Best results
The easiest option
Deep clean
Whether you choose a catalytic or pyrolytic oven, one thing's for sure. The cleaning process will be considerably easier and less time-consuming when compared to regular ovens with no self-cleaning features.

However, if you are about to embark on a challenging task that is cleaning a standard oven, you might want to follow the tips below:

  • Protect your skin: gloves are a must. Avoid single-use gloves and go for heavy duty, thicker gloves that will do a far better job protecting your skin. 
  • Protect your clothes: This might go without saying, but oven cleaning shouldn’t be done in your favourite clothes! Simply throw on a pair of old sweatpants or a tracksuit you use for other household chores like painting jobs.
  • Protect your kitchen: You’ve protected yourself, now it’s time to protect your kitchen! Dig out some old newspapers and place them carefully around the oven area to prevent the heavy chemicals from leaking onto your floor.
  • Make sure you’ve stocked up on a good-quality cleaner. Remember that you might need to shop around and try out several options before finding what works best for you. Overall, don’t skimp on the cleaner as this might make your cleaning process much less effective. 

Once you've covered all your basics, you might be wondering how to clean a glass oven door. After all, it's often considered one of the trickiest parts of the oven cleaning process. However, it doesn’t have to be as tedious as that! 

First, make sure to carefully read the manufacturers’ manual that might provide guidance on how to clean your oven model. It’s a good idea to use either soapy water, degreasing cleaner or baking soda paste to give it a deep clean. Many models will allow you to simply click out the glass door and remove it from the oven exterior, making it very easy to clean. 

At Gorenje, we’re determined to make the cleaning process even easier for you which is why we’ve invented AquaClean. This science-backed function helps deeply clean the oven cavity in just 30 minutes. All you need to do is to pour ½ litre of water directly into a baking tray and turn on the AquaClean setting. In just half an hour, any stains or grease will have softened significantly, making your cleaning process so much easier. 

Single ovens

Where space is tight, single ovens are a fantastic choice. They take up a lot less space than double ovens and can fit straight under most countertops. A trusted and handy choice, single ovens are still one of the most popular options in kitchens all over the world.
Another pro that can’t be overlooked is the huge variety of choice available when selecting single ovens. They usually come in more models and varieties than any other type, making it easier for households to choose the very best single oven for their home. Whether they’re looking for built-in single electric ovens or multifunctional single steam ovens, there is a good chance finding their dream appliance will be an easy task!

Whereas they might not offer quite as much flexibility as double ovens, they are usually more than enough for average users. Their compact size and affordability make them a perfect choice for individuals living alone, couples, and small families that don’t rely on large baked meals. Single ovens can usually be accommodated in any kitchen and are easier to move around were you to rearrange your kitchen. 
They come in several different varieties such as single fan ovens, single steam ovens and single electric ovens. Built-in or integrated ovens often offer smart technology features, and their seamless design is popular among lovers of contemporary interior.

Compact ovens

It’s not a surprise if you’re wondering what a compact oven really is. After all they are less popular than single or double ovens, but still offer great features for small households. 

Compact ovens are designed to offer maximum flexibility for tiny spaces. Ideal for smaller kitchens, built-in compact ovens are usually no higher than 46cm. They are similar in size to microwaves and are always powered by electricity. Despite their small size, they offer both oven and grill functions. This makes them vastly more useful than microwaves, which look similar, but don’t offer quite the same versatility. 

Their small size makes them ideal for occasional users that don’t require a larger oven, but still need more than just a microwave. In fact, many built-in compact ovens have an integrated microwave. What’s more, some of them also offer steam cooking, one of the healthiest meal preparation techniques. 
In bigger households, they are sometimes used as extra ovens, in addition to larger ovens built in under the counter. 

Overall, if you’re tight on space or just not a fan of cooking, small built-in ovens might be just the thing for you. 

Examples of different built-in Gorenje ovens

Wondering where to buy an oven that will give you the most for your money? 

Gorenje are home to a large range of built-in ovens, spanning compact ovens with smaller capacity as well as larger ovens with cutting-edge technology. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll have several options to choose from. 

Here’s some of our top picks!

The BO799S50X single oven from our superior line provides the best of both worlds - stunning exterior, as well as breath-taking features. It offers a supersize baking area of 73l, fully automatic cooking programmes and AquaClean cleaning assistance to name a few. Last but not least, its silver finish gives it a touch of timeless elegance guaranteed to look good in any kitchen. 

For those living in smaller spaces, Gorenje’s built-in compact steam oven BCS547ORAW offers all the features of larger ovens neatly packed into a smaller size. It offers MultiFlow 360˚ ventilation, excellent steam generation and the characteristic rounded shape inspired by traditional ovens. 

Last but not least, those that want nothing, but the best will be thrilled to find Gorenje’s BOP798S54X built-in pyrolytic single oven. It offers multi-level baking, premium self-cleaning function, dehydration, 300 °C baking and much more. Moreover, it also offers the exciting StepBake setting, allowing you to cook in different phases. 

Choosing the right oven can be a challenge. Hopefully, these tips helped you, but if you are still in doubt contact us or ask our experts directly at the store. There is a perfect oven just waiting for you to find it.