How to choose the right hob for your kitchen?

Whether you’re fitting a new kitchen or looking to replace or upgrade your hob, there are many types of hobs to consider. But where to start? 

This article will give you some feature of the most common hob types to help you find the right hob for your home. We cover everything you need to know before buying a hob for your kitchen. Here is what we have prepared for you:
Treat yourself with a perfect hob for your needs that will make your life in the home kitchen much simpler, stylish, and far more pleasant.

Quick overview of hob options

The first is the classical gas hob which heats via a gas-fuelled flame. You can choose between gas on steel and gas on glass hob option. The later one is a more stylish & contemporary version of the gas hob.

Then comes the electric hob available in three forms: the ceramic hob, the traditional electric sealed plate hob and the induction hob. All are electric but work differently. The induction hob runs on a magnetic field and is the quickest and the most efficient hob. The other two use the same technology but the ceramic version has a clean surface instead of separate electric plates like traditional sealed electric hobs. This makes the ceramic hob easier to clean and more stylish.
With the many different types available, you might be asking which hob is the best hob, which is better, a ceramic or induction hob, gas or induction hob? Below is a quick comparison of the main features of the different types.
Price Most affordable More expensive than the electric plate hob but cheaper than an induction hob More expensive but cheapest to run Middle range price but expensive to run (depends on gas price) More expensive than a regular gas hob
Efficiency High thermal efficiency High thermal efficiency Highest thermal efficiency Low thermal efficiency but precise heat control Precise heat control
Cleaning More difficult to clean than ceramic hob Easy to clean Easy to clean Most difficult to clean from all hob options Easier to clean than traditional gas hob
Speed Not very responsive so heating up and cooling is slow Not very responsive so heating up and cooling is slow Very responsive, but requires specific pans Heats up fast and offers an even heat distribution in pans Heats up fast and offers an even heat distribution in pans
Power Powered by electricity Powered by electricity Powered by electricity but heats with magnetic field Gas powered Gas powered
Style Outdated Stylish Stylish Retro stylish Stylish
Special feature Family safe Versatile Versatile
As you can see, all of these options have some clear advantages and disadvantages. If your cooking style is varied and you don’t want to decide just for one option, we have great news for you. There are many hobs that combine these options into one, multifunctional hob. The most popular combinations include gas and sealed hob, gas and ceramic hob and the latest – gas and induction hob combination. When it comes to hobs there is really no need to make compromises – you name it, we’ve got it.

All you need to know about induction hobs

Induction has become quite the buzzword in the world of cooking. But what exactly is an induction hob and how does it differ from an electric one?
Induction hobs are powered by electricity just like electric hobs. However, there’s an important difference. An induction hob heats the pan through magnetic energy, whilst the electric hobs transfer heat directly to anything on top of it.

So how do induction hobs work? They contain a copper coil wire beneath the ceramic surface. This creates a magnetic field between the pan and the coil. You might have heard before that induction hobs require special pots and pans. Now you know the reason why! If a pan doesn’t contain enough iron, it won’t create an electromagnetic field with the copper coil wire. Luckily, many pans nowadays are made to work on induction as well as other types of hobs.

Wondering how to clean an induction hob? Induction hobs are among the easiest hobs to clean because of their smooth surface. They heat up the pan instead of the hob surface which prevents food residues from burning and sticking to the hob.

However, if there is any food on the hob it is recommended to clean it as soon as possible once your hob is cold to the touch. To keep your induction cooktop in good condition, avoid any using metal sponges as they may damage the hob.

What makes the induction hob stand out from the other is its energy efficiency. It is the most energy efficient of any of the electricity powered hobs because it is able to use exactly the amount of energy it needs to heat up the pan. In doing so it has minimal energy loss.

Finally, it is the most family friendly type of hob. The induction heats only the pan not the surface, which means that when the pan is removed it will cool down very quickly. It will also not turn on unless it has a pan on the top of it to activate the magnet.

What are the best gas hobs?

Gas hobs are one of the most popular type of hobs. They are known for their accurate heat distribution, responsiveness, and versatility. Gas hobs heat up pans through a gas fuelled flame, which is produced by a gas burner. The flame is highly responsive and dependent on the amount of gas that is available to burn at one time. 

This means that when you turn down the gas hob and the flame becomes smaller, the pan will respond very quickly. You are able to control exactly where you want your pan to be heated. A small flame in the centre or a large flame nearer to the edge. The main drawback for a gas hob is that it is not always the easiest to clean. To make things easier, we’ve gathered some tips below based on the most frequently asked questions about how to clean a gas hob.
Whilst ceramic and induction hobs have just a single surface, the gas hob is made up of the hob and the burner rack. The main hob can be a bit tricky to clean because it is not one smooth surface. The good news is you won’t damage the surface as easily as with a ceramic or induction hob. As with other hob it is always best to clean any food residue as soon as the hob is cool to the touch. 

If you have any stubborn stains, try a good cream cleaner or spray with white vinegar and let it sit for a while to really work into those grease stains. You can also remove any parts of the hobs that are detachable to make the hob surface as smooth as possible.

Next up are some tips on how to clean gas hob racks. If you can, make sure to clean any food stains as quicky as possible. The flame from the gas hob will burn any food residue and leave it cooked onto your rack which will make it harder to remove. Don’t worry though, there is always a way to get off the stains. Soak the rack in a heavy kitchen cleaner overnight to loosen the stains and use an abrasive sponge to clean your rack the next day. 
Gas hobs are popular in professional kitchens because of their precision. They come in a range of sizes from a small 4 burner to a 5 burner gas hob or even 6 burner gas hob. There really is a size for everybody.

What is gas on glass hob?

With the many different hob types available you might be wondering what is a gas on glass hob? Gas on glass hobs are a combination of a ceramic glass hob and the common gas hob. They are essentially a glass top with a gas hob and is also known as a glass top gas cooker. The gas hobs are mounted on top of a ceramic glass plate instead of the original metal base. 

A gas on glass hob is a bit more expensive thana regular gas hob but it has all perks of gas hobs and on top of that is easier to clean and more stylish. Gas on glass hobs are available as black glass gas hobs and white glass gas hobs, so whether you prefer a light or dark finish in your kitchen there is a gas on glass hob to suit you. Similar to a common gas hob, the gas on glass hob comes in 4 burner and 5 burner versions. 

Glass ceramic hobs

Wondering what is a ceramic hob?

The glass ceramic hob is also known as a ceramic hob. These electricity powered hobs are covered by a smooth layer of ceramic glass. The heating in this type of hob comes from a heating coil under the glass plate that transfers its heat through the glass using infrared rays.

The most notable feature of ceramic hobs is that they are the easiest hob to clean together with the induction hob. This is because the ceramic hob has one clean smooth cooking surface. However, there are a few things to look out for so we’ve listed a few must-know tips on how to clean a ceramic hob.

It is best to avoid any abrasive cleaning methods just like with an induction hob because it will scratch the glass. Very strong cleaning products and course sponges are not recommended.
Instead try a soft cloth and simple washing up liquid. The washing up liquid is made for tackling grease so will work well on greasy stans. If you have any burnt marks or stains, try to find a specific ceramic hob cleaner or try a ceramic hob scraper. Make sure it is compatible with ceramic hobs which should prevent any damage.

Lastly, the ceramic hob is also a more affordable choice. It is energy efficient, meaning it does not waste a lot of thermal energy when heating your pans. One thing to look out for is that the glass top can smash so is not as resistant as a gas hob or electric plate hob.

Gorenje hob special features

In addition to classic features of each hob type, Gorenje offers an exciting selection of special features to make your cooking even easier. We believe that cooking should be a wholly enjoyable experience that not only brings people together, but also provides a much-needed moment of calm and mindfulness during your busy day. This can only be achieved by using cooking appliances that make your job more pleasant and you can truly rely on.

The PowerBoost function, which is part of the Gorneje induction hob range, is made for people that want to cook their food quickly but not compromise on flavour or texture. The PowerBoost intensifies the heat during heating up time to make sure that your pans heat up much faster.

StayWarm function is ideal when you are cooking multiple parts of dishes at one time. This function will keep your food warm at a constant 70°C while you can finish cooking your whole dish before serving everything warm.

The StopGo function will stop cooking your dish and when commanded continue cooking it using the same settings as before. This will work perfectly when you need your food to rest or are making a dish that requires it be cooked twice.

A classic feature but a great one, the timer. Gorenje offers a timer that can be set up to 99 minutes in advance to ensure even cooking and consistent cooking through that time. This way you can sit back, relax and let your Gorenje hob do all the work.

To sum up, when choosing the right hob for your kitchen have in mind the style – are you going for a retro or more modern look? And don’t forget about cleaning – if you like cooking but have a busy modern lifestyle, easy cleaning options are essential. If still in doubt, our experts are here for you to help you choose the best option.