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Ready to introduce some delicious moments to your kitchen? With the new Gorenje HomeMade cookers, this becomes charmingly simple.

Prepare your favourite food just like in a traditional wood-burning oven or impress your family with a range of tasty experiences. We designed our cookers with smart and user-friendly solutions, so you can rely on them and just add your final touch.

Discover Gorenje HomeMade cookers

Smart solutions for delicious results

Icon - HomeMade shape

HomeMade shape

All the qualities of baking in wood-burning ovens
The characteristic rounded shape is one of the most beneficial features of Gorenje cookers. Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, it enables hot air to move around freely. Since the food is heated evenly and from all sides, it is always perfectly done: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
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Icon - BigSpace


More space for greater cooking freedom
The increased capacity of the oven (up to 70 litres) allows preparing bigger quantities of food at the same time. The optimised airflow circulates inside the oven completely freely and with their BigSpace cavity Gorenje cookers can easily accommodate even a huge turkey.
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Icon - SuperSize


Ready for XXL recipes
Gorenje cookers offer enlarged baking surface and use of extra big trays. Innovative solutions enable optimised energy consumption and evenly cooked food, regardless of the quantity. Full oven width is efficiently used while superior technology makes sure the food is evenly done on all levels.
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MultiAir technology

Perfect from all sides
MultiAir technology guarantees the optimal circulation of heat within the oven. Due to smartly positioned ventilation openings on the back wall and the unique rounded shape, air is spread evenly throughout the oven. The fan pushes hot air around the entire oven volume, making the food perfectly baked on all sides. The dynamic air movement also allows simultaneous baking on multiple levels without smells and flavours mixing together.


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Cooktop options

Icon - Induction


Fast and efficient cooking, simple cleaning
Induction hobs heat up twice as fast as HiLight hobs, which makes them comparatively more economical and safe. An induction hob only heats the bottom of the pan while the remaining hob surface stays cool and always safe to touch. Temperature is adjusted instantly, by a simple touch, limiting the danger of boiling over. With such a hob melted chocolate, sophisticated sauces and other temperature-sensitive masterpieces become just a simple task.
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Icon - Gas


Spark your creativity
Cooking like a chef can be simple. All it takes is a creative spark as Gorenje cooker with gas cooktop will take care of everything
else. BigSurface, powerful ChefBurners
and other advanced features offer support for your wildest cooking endeavours. Ignite your inspiration and surprise your loved ones with perfect home-made dishes.
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Variety of heaters for best cooking results
Gorenje hi-light cooktops are designed as an easy-to-use tool that enables everyone to cook with great results. Efficient and smart, hi-light hobs are equipped with features that make cooking effortless. They offer double or oval cooking zones for best fit to your needs. With special features like residual heat indicators, timer and smart control they provide perfect control of the process and bring maximum safety.
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Tips & tricks

Make a heart-shaped cake for your daughter

We created one simple blog post how to make a heart-shaped cake in three easy steps. For example if your daughter wants to have a heart-shaped cake for her birthday and you do not have the right pan, you can improvise.

Cute bacon cheese egg muffin cups in just 15 minutes

There is nothing cuter for a quick breakfast than bacon-cheese-and-egg muffin cups. They also contain all the food groups that you need for your breakfast. Maybe this could be your favourite breakfast item ever.