Simplifying the journey to a healthier lifestyle

What you eat and drink matters. Prepare your meal like a pro and boost your performance. Run faster, kick harder and win smarter with the new range of small yet action-packed kitchen appliances Gorenje made in collaboration with the lead sporting goods brand HEAD. Reaching a healthy and active lifestyle has never been so smooth!

The powerful 2 in 1 Nutri Sport blender extracts nutrients and vitamins in your perfectly silky smoothies and blended vegetables. To help you with balanced meal preparation, the collection also includes an easy-to-use and elegantly designed kitchen scale, which can be connected to a smart mobile app HEAD by Gorenje smoothie recipes.

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Icon - Powerful action

Powerful action

20,000 rpm
Lots of power is needed to crush ice, blend thick vegetable peel or make a silky smoothie. 1,200 watts produce 20,000 rpm to give you enough power for the results you want.
Icon - Extractor blade

Extractor blade

Made to extract nutrients
Fast-turning 6-point blade creates irregular blending action which, together with the specially designed 1.5 L jug, forces ingredients downwards. It is made of a durable stainless steel alloy which guarantees a longer useful life.
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Icon - Lid set

Lid set

To-go & stay-fresh
Choose the to-go lid when you are active on the way, and replace it with the stayfresh lid when you want to keep food in blending or nutri jug safely stored in the refrigerator.
Icon - Non-slip feet

Non-slip feet

Always in place
Operating a powerful appliance such as this blender requires perfect stability. Non-slip feet make sure the blender holds its ground.
Icon - Quick speed change

Quick speed change

One button speed control
Changing speed during blending is easy. Just press the speed button once to increase or decrease the rotation speed of the blade.
Icon - Tritan blending jug

Tritan blending jug

1.5 L capacity
1.5 L tritan jug comes equipped with measurement markings and a dosing cup at the top of the lid. The jug is dishwasher safe.