Gorenje Classico Collection

Cooking with passion


HomeMADE™ technology for top-notch baking results

Innovative oven interior design with smart PerfectGrill heater placement mimics the traditional wood-fired ovens. Effective circulation of hot air leads to even heat distribution and superior baking results. Fully extendible telescopic guides make placing the baking sheets in the oven much simpler and allow excellent overview of the baking process.

Always cool oven door

Oven door is double glazed with reflective glass panes. Therefore, the outer side of the door is always cool. The safe and energy-efficient door allows the oven to reach the A–20% energy class. Interior side of the oven door has no notches or edges to allow simple cleaning.


Retro knobs for comfortable control

Standing by behind the aged gold finish of the characteristic classic knobs reminiscent of their old ceramic predecessors is modern technology that allows the ultimate comfort in control. The knobs are ergonomically designed for a pleasant grip.

Cast iron grid

Cast iron grid will improve the stability and enhance the appearance of the gas hob. The grid material makes it particularly durable and resistant to even the highest temperatures.

Diamond layout

Special diamond-shaped heater layout allows better overview of the cooking process. It offers more space for large pots and pans or a wok on the two larger and more powerful heaters placed on the left and right, respectively. The form of the cast iron grid follows the functionalheater layout and aesthetically rounds off the hob appearance.

Wok gas burner

Professional gas burner with a three-ring flame heats the pan with extra power to improve energy efficiency and allow preparing your food in just minutes. An optional dedicated cast iron wok support will further improve safety, comfort, and efficiency in cooking.

Modern hi-light technology with a touch of classics

In addition to three hi-light heaters, the glass ceramic hob also features a heater with a double circular surface that can adapt to pots and pans of varying sizes. An indicator light for each cooking zone will remain lit until the zone surface is hot. Smooth hob surface is easy to clean and the edges are raised to prevent spilling.



Knobs and handle with gold finish

Hood design in delicate ivory or matte black is complemented by distinctive handle in the old gold colour. The knobs allow traditional control of the hood and its functions. Decorative handle that matches the design of the entire collection perfectly complements the appearance of the hood and accentuates its classical character.

Dishwasher-safe grease filters for simple cleaning

Metal grease filters in Gorenje hoods are easy to remove and to clean. They can be washed manually or in a dishwasher using a delicate program.


AdaptTech technology

Frequent opening of refrigerator door causes a sudden increase in temperature. Thus, the food is subjected to a thermal shock and as a result it may perish sooner. The revolutionary AdaptTech technology monitors the frequency of door opening in the fi rst week of refrigerator use. When the system senses when the refrigerator door is opened most frequently, it automatically lowers the temperature by 1 to 2 °C prior to such time to maintain an optimum temperature all the time and to prevent the food from perishing.

FreshZone drawer

Located at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment, the FreshZone drawer is its coolest part. A special fan maintains the temperature at around 3 °C. Here, the food feels well and it retains its freshness, aroma and colour for twice as long as usual.

IonAir with the MultiFlow 360° function

The IonAir system with the MultiFlow 360°function cleans the air in the refrigerator and maintains freshness as it allows a natural ionization process. The negatively charged ions generated in the appliance interior refresh the atmosphere and help create an ideal environment for food storage. Circulation of ionized air is provided by the MultiFlow 360° system that introduces fresh air through 14 ventilation slots to maintain a constant temperature in each individual shelf.

NoFrost Plus technology

NoFrost has been proven to be the best cooling system in the market as it effectively prevents the accumulation of ice in the freezer compartment interior. Since it offers much more than regular NoFrost models, we named it NoFrostPlus. In the refrigerator compartment of the Classico refrigerator, this system is further upgraded with the IonAir MultiFlow 360°system for optimum food storage conditions.

Microwave ovens


360°StirTechnology is the perfect microwave distribution technology. The microwaves are directed to the area below the ceramic plate on the bottom of the oven activity, from where they are evenly dispersed upwards into the interior. As they pass through the bottom, they can penetrate the food more effectively and from all sides, which renders rotating the food unnecessary. Thus, the food is cooked faster and the results are delicious.


Owing to the innovative microwave distribution, the oven no longer needs the conventional turntable. A special ceramic plate covers the entire cavity bottom which leaves more space, allowing you to cook several dishes simultaneously.


The smooth surface of the ceramic plate in the bottom of the oven cavity makes cleaning a breeze. All you need is a damp cloth.

Microwave / Grill

Combine the advantages of microwaves and grill to experience entirely new dimensions of cooking. You will be impressed by faster cooking of smaller chunks of meat, pizzas, and other dishes that have to be cooked and crisped to perfection.