Yellow ... For exciting curls

Lively curls for every occasion

Let your day be playful, smiley and full of positive energy. Spice it with mischievous light curls! 

You can conjure up small, larger or just slightly wavy curls with Gorenje Beauty Collection appliances at home. Follow the steps below and, with a bit of practice, become a real professional for wavy hairstyles.

Perfect curls in 5 steps

Do you often have the feeling that forming curls is mission impossible? Just go for it! We have prepared some crucial tricks for creating perfect curls that will be able to cope with all challenges of your lively day.
Icon - Use a larger hairbrush when drying your hair

Use a larger hairbrush when drying your hair

Rub a certain amount of foam for luxuriant curls into your hair while it is still wet. Direct the hair-dryer in the hair-growth direction when drying your hair. Use a larger hairbrush before the hair is almost dry. This will make the hair better prepared for further forming.
Icon - Divide the hair into locks and tie them

Divide the hair into locks and tie them

Curl the hair systematically and evenly. First, divide the hair in two parts at the back of your head by placing your pointers above your ears. Tie the upper layer into a bun, divide the loose hair vertically into two ponytails of approximately the same thickness, and bring them over your shoulders each to its side of the face.
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Icon - Wrap them around the curler

Wrap them around the curler

Heat the curler to optimum temperature. Stronger hair requires a higher and thinner hair a lower temperature. Measure a lock that is a good centimetre thick from the loose hair. Wrap it around the curler from the scalp towards the ends and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. Then release the curl and wait. Form the next curl and repeat the procedure until you reach the front lock.
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Icon - Cooled curls last longer

Cooled curls last longer

It is important for the curl to cool down so that it does not lose its shape. Then turn your head down, gently comb the curls with your fingers and loosen them. Thus, you will create additional volume and natural look.
Icon - Ta-da!


To make the curled hair last longer, firm it with a hair lacquer and leave it loose or tie it as you wish and create a playful hairstyle.

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How to make the perfect curls?

Quick help during hair-curling

As the hair sometimes simply refuses to obey or hairdressing is causing you trouble.

Has everything not gone to plan? No panic, even the greatest professionals do not always succeed. We have asked a professional hairdresser for advice about your greatest trouble related to forming perfect curls. Look at the advice on how to curl your hair at home.

I wrap the hair around the curler, but even after more than 10 seconds, it refuses to form into a curl. What am I doing wrong?

There can be several reasons. The most frequent one is certainly that the lock of hair that you have wrapped around the curler is too thick.  In this case, the heat does not reach deep enough into the lock and the hair refuses to form into a curl. This often occurs when curling stronger hair. We advise you to try to wrap a thinner lock in that case.

The reason can also often be that the temperature of the curler is too low. Stronger hair requires a higher and thinner hair a lower temperature. You can adjust the temperature on the Gorenje Beauty Collection curler adequately mechanically or electronically and create nice curls without damaging your hair with a temperature that is too high.

Can I straighten the hair that was curled using a curler back by using a straightener?

Although subsequent use of various hair forming appliances is not completely advised against, you should be particularly careful at such use. Curling, as well as straightening the hair, are namely heat treatments affecting the hair structure. If you use a straightener or curler often, it is recommended to protect your hair with an appropriate hair care product and leave your hair untreated for a day or so whenever possible.  

If really necessary, you can straighten your curled hair with a straightener, provided that your hairstyle was not firmed with a lacquer or any other product. These products react to temperature and stick the hair together or even damage it.

Is it better to wash the hair before forming it with a curler?

Your curls will be much nicer and more long-lasting if you wash the hair before forming them with a curler. However, since such hair is much smoother and sliding, it will probably be somewhat harder to wrap around the curler. The solution to this is to apply a hairdressing product to your hair (e.g. foam for curls) or wash the hair in the evening and curl it next morning.

Can I curl wet hair with a curler?

The most recommended is to use the curler on completely dry hair. Therefore, you should first dry the hair thoroughly with a hair-dryer before forming curls. Moist hair is also not a good compromise. Not only that you will have to keep the moist hair on the hot plate of the curler iron for much longer, but all the hot moisture escaping from the hair can also damage the scalp.

In which direction should I wrap the hair around the curler?

Always make sure to form the curls in such a way that they are turned away from the face. Therefore, you should spin the locks of hair on the right side of the face to the right and the locks on the left to the left. There are no strict rules for curling the remaining locks. You can also use a technique where you spin one lock to the right and the neighbouring one to the left. The curls will thus not be monotonous and the hairstyle will be much more luxuriant.

How thick should the lock be when I wrap it around the curler?

That depends on the effect you want to achieve. You will need thinner locks for smaller curls and thicker for softer and larger curls. As every hair is different, you will only find out the ideal thickness of the lock for perfect curls by trying and practising. So, do not give up, if you do not manage to make the curl that is exactly what you wish for the first time.

Mischievous yellow

You have coloured your day in yellow. What does this mean?

Yellow is a positive and playful colour. It radiates joy, optimism, humour, concentration, enthusiasm and creativity. Your choice of colour means that you are a focused as well as mischievous person that loves freedom, entertainment and trying out new ideas. Your day is full of optimism and you are always ready for new challenges and looking for new ways to overcome the challenges brought by life every day. Playful light curls radiating friendliness, enthusiasm and carefreeness of your day suit such personality best.