Red ... For glamorously straight hair

Elegant straight hairstyle

By picking red, you have chosen vehemence, self-consciousness and determination! Accompany your propulsive energy and wish for increasingly greater achievements with a straight hairstyle. With your every bold move, it will tell with one voice only one thing: That you are a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to express it.

Start a new day self-consciously with a glamorously straight hairstyle done at home. Check how to achieve the perfect result with Gorenje Beauty Collection appliances quickly and simply.

Shiny smooth hair in 5 steps

Is straightening your hair causing you trouble? We have prepared some crucial tricks for smooth, healthy hair, full of life.
Icon - Use a hairbrush when drying your hair

Use a hairbrush when drying your hair

Rub a certain amount of the product for protection during hair heat treatment in hair that is still damp and dry it. Use a larger hairbrush to make the forming simpler and make sure that the hair-dryer is turned in the hair-growth direction.
Icon - Divide the hair in locks and tie them

Divide the hair in locks and tie them

It is recommended to straighten the hair systematically. Divide it in two parts at the back of your head by placing your pointers above your ears. Tie the upper layer into a bun and gently comb the lower part before straightening it.
Icon - Straighten evenly lock by lock

Straighten evenly lock by lock

Heat the straightener to optimum temperature. Stronger hair requires a higher and thinner hair a lower temperature. Measure a 2cm wide lock from the lower part of the hair, comb it and insert between the ceramic plates of the straightener. Hold the appliance about 1cm from the scalp and smooth the locks with one move right to the ends. Repeat with the remaining locks.
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Icon - Bottom-to-top rule

Bottom-to-top rule

Straighten your hair systematically to achieve the perfect result. Straighten the lower layers of the hair first and then measure the remaining layers from the bun. Thus, you will ensure to straighten each lock only once and have an overview of the forming.
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Icon - Ta-da!


Straighten the last, upper layer of locks as close to the scalp as possible and make sure that the moves done with the straightener are as long and even as possible. Apply a drop of natural Argan oil to the ends of the straightened hair to make them shine even more.
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How to make your hair stay straight all day long?

Quick help during hair-straightening

As the hair sometimes simply refuses to obey or hairdressing is causing you trouble.

Has everything not gone to plan? No panic, even the greatest professionals do not always succeed. We have asked a professional hairdresser for advice about your greatest trouble related to forming a perfectly smooth hairstyle. Look at the advice on how to straighten your hair at home.

I use a hair-straightener every day. Does this damage my hair?

Every heat treatment of your hair can potentially damage the structure of your hair. This is because the heat dries the inside of the hair, which is, consequently, reflected in a rougher surface and split ends. In the long-term, this can cause hair-breaking. If you really cannot avoid daily hair-straightening, make sure that your hair-straightener is of high quality. High-quality ceramic plates and active ion technology will protect your hair against damage. However, you should certainly always protect your hair against damage caused by heat treatment by using an appropriate hair care product.

Why does my hair look greasy and without any volume after using the straightener?

Hair can be greasy and without any volume due to the wrong direction of straightening.  If you smooth the lock of the hair straight downwards with a straightener, it will lose all its volume and the hairstyle will also have no volume.  This is why you should slightly lift the hair and then straighten it. Thus, you will preserve the volume and make the hairstyle certainly more luxuriant.

I can set different temperatures of straightening plates on the straightener. Which temperature should I choose?

Temperature selection depends mainly on the type of hair. The basic rule is to set a higher temperature for straightening stronger hair and lower for straightening thinner, coloured or damaged hair. A temperature that is too high will cause deep damage to the hair, but if the temperature is too low, you will not achieve the desired effect and will have to straighten the hair several times. The easiest way to determine the exact setting is by trying, with the recommended temperature ranging from 190 °C to 210 °C. 

Can I use the straightener on wet hair?

We advise against it! The hair must be completely dry before straightening it. If you notice a large amount of steam escaping from the hair while you are straightening it, stop the straightening and dry the hair additionally with a hair-dryer. You should also make sure to remove all hairdressing products that are not suitable for heat treatment (e.g. hair lacquer) from the hair before straightening it.

Why does my hair turn into a "lion's mane" on a rainy day after using the straightener?

Humidity has always been an enemy of straightened hair. Since you have taken moisture from your hair by using a straightener, it is more susceptible to the absorption of humidity from the air. Thus, it will absorb the humidity on a rainy day and result in the so-called "lion's mane". Although there is no perfect solution for this annoyance, you can mitigate the consequences of a rainy day by using a gentle setting lotion which will create a protective filter on your hair or a headgear protecting your hair against moisture. 

Passionate red

You have coloured your day in red. What does this mean?

Red is the colour of energy, passion and action. It is a warm and positive colour expressing strong will and determination. Your choice of colour means that you are an ambitious and persistent person adoring dynamics and increasingly higher goals.  Your day is full of passion and daring moves and your every movement is accompanied by self-consciousness. Your every decisive action and self-conscious appearance will be best stressed by smoothly straightened hair adding a note of glamour and sophistication to your flawless look.