Blue ... For immense volume

Luxurious volume for a chic look

Easy-going and sophisticated - by choosing blue you have decided to transform into a true refined lady. Are you getting ready for an important appearance? Or would you like to be simply regally chic? Create a perfect hairstyle with long-lasting volume.

You do not need to go to the hairdresser's every day if you would like your hair to shine and sway with a luxurious volume for a long time. Start a new day elegantly with luxurious volume which you can conjure up at home. Check how to achieve a perfect result with Gorenje Beauty Collection appliances quickly and simply.

Hairstyle with luxurious volume in 5 steps

Is creating volume causing you trouble? We have prepared some crucial tricks for a smooth and luxurious hairstyle with the perfect volume.
Icon - Dry fast

Dry fast

Wrap the washed hair in a towel for a couple of minutes. Then comb it and rub some foam for volume in the hair that is still moist. Direct the flow of the air from the hair-dryer towards the root of the hair while drying and lift individual locks with your fingers. This is the easiest way to remove excess moisture and create more volume in the first place.
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Icon - Divide the hair in locks and tie them

Divide the hair in locks and tie them

Drying the hair is more efficient if you do it lock by lock. First, divide the hair in two parts at the back of your head by placing your pointers above your ears to control it more easily. Tie the upper layer and comb the lower part thoroughly.
Icon - The trick is drying with a hairbrush

The trick is drying with a hairbrush

Place a large hairbrush under a lock of hair that is 2 - 3 centimetres wide and lies close to the scalp. Direct the air from the hair-dryer away from the scalp and dry every lock of hair off by slowly sliding the hairbrush over it. It is important not to dry your hair straight downwards but lift it in the direction of the right angle.
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Icon - Use a diffuser as well

Use a diffuser as well

If you would like to add some soft waves to the hair in addition to the volume, use a diffuser. It is placed on the nozzle of the hair-dryer and the circling warm air helps form the hairstyle. If you touch your scalp with it, you can also use it as a massager.
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Icon - Ta-da!


When the hair is dried completely, make sure that you make it shine even more. Quickly dry the upper layer again with a hairbrush and use the cool-air function on the hair-dryer. This will make the hairstyle more firm and create a smooth and shiny look.
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How to make the perfect beach waves?

Quick help in creating volume

As the hair sometimes simply refuses to obey or hairdressing is causing you trouble.

Has everything not gone to plan? No panic, even the greatest professionals do not always succeed. We have asked a professional hairdresser for advice about your greatest trouble related to creating the perfect volume. Look at the advice on how to create a luxuriant hairstyle at home.

Although my hair has considerable volume immediately after drying, it decreases quickly. How can I preserve the volume during the whole day?

One of the main mistakes is that you do not dry your hair off. If your hair is still slightly damp to the touch after drying, it will lose the desired form while drying in air. This can be solved by drying the hair off with a round hairbrush and applying foam or other product for creating volume to the wet hair before that to make the hairstyle last longer.

My hair is always electrified after drying with a hair-dryer. How can I tame it?

Hair electrification is often connected with excess drying. That is why you should dry your hair off and stop drying at this point. Further drying will remove additional moisture from your hair and, consequently, make it more static, which will reflect in an electrified hairstyle. A hair-dryer using an active ion technology such as the Power Care in Ionic Care hair-dryer from the Gorenje Beauty Collection helps prevent the hair from being electrified.  Ions will help prevent electrification and make your hair shiny and not crepe-like at all.

My scalp always stings when I dry the hair with a hair-dryer and therefore I rather avoid it.  Is there an alternative way to create a luxuriant hairstyle?

Modern hair-dryers mostly enable you to set the drying temperature that suits you best, so you do not have to worry about it. If your scalp is still irritated despite setting the hair-dryer to a lower temperature, you are probably holding it too close to the scalp.  The perfect distance at which the hair-dryer should be held is 20 cm from the scalp. You should also move the appliance constantly when drying your hair so as to avoid directing hot air to only one point on the scalp and, consequently, the feeling of an irritated scalp.

Which setting of drying temperature should I choose for my type of hair?

Setting the appropriate drying temperature is very important if you would like to prevent your hair from being damaged. You can set a higher temperature for stronger and thicker hair, whereas you should use a somewhat lower drying temperature for thinner, brittle or damaged hair.   Even if you are in a great hurry, avoid high temperatures of drying and accelerate it by using a somewhat stronger flow of air from the hair-dryer.

How can I use the round diffuser with poles that was enclosed with the hair-dryer?

The diffuser for volume is a large attachment enclosed with the hair-dryer used for creating a larger volume of wavy and curly hair in particular. The attachment will ensure a wider distribution of the air from the hair-dryer and thus dry individual locks that will wrap around the poles of the diffuser more gently. Thus, if you dry your hair with a diffuser, your wavy hairstyle will be more luxuriant since you will avoid the strong airflow that would straighten the naturally wavy hair.

Calm blue

You have coloured your day in blue. What does this mean?

Blue is the colour of peace and harmony reflecting the earnestness with a touch of elite hint. Your choice of colour shows that you are a mature, thorough and intelligent person with clearly set goals. You take your actions and decisions self-consciously and responsibly and thus others see you as a reliable person.  Since blue also reflects a high degree of ability to communicate and denotes a credible appearance, an elegant hairstyle with a luxurious volume suits your choice of colour best.