Stroke and caress the baby often as this is how she gradually learns about her body and learns how to feel it. At the same time, this stimulates the baby's breathing, blood circulation and digestion, and soothes her. During massage, talk about what you are doing and why.
  • First, only touch the baby with the tips of your fingers. Then, gently squeeze with your thumb and your index finger. Massage from the chest over the shoulders towards the hands, and from the tummy over the hips towards the big toes. Do not forget the palms and feet.
  • Move your fingertips in circular motion over the forehead, nose, cheeks, temples, and chin. Stroke the contours of the face by starting on the forehead and ending on the chin. Massage the baby's neck and gently pinch his ears!
  • Place the baby in your lap, tummy-side down, and stroke him from top downwards, from the shoulders to the buttocks. Then, stroke her diagonally. Finally, use your fingertips to mimic the raindrops falling on his back.


This game can be played once the child has good command of its neck muscles and can keep its head upright and straight.
  • Hold the baby with both hands by its chest, and ask her whether she is ready to fly. Count to three and start the engine. On three, lift the baby up in the air.
  • The baby will enjoy even more if you talk to him. »Are you ready? OK, let's go then! We are flying high, high up in the sky ...«
  • »Fly« up and down, observe the baby's reaction, and adjust the speed of flight accordingly. Some babies find it exciting to fly ever higher and faster, while others prefer smooth gliding.


This magic object has funny faces, our nose, and a person mimicking our every move. Therefore, it will be interesting and exciting for the baby as well.
  • Hold the baby in your arms and observe the mirror together.
  • Smile and ask: »Who is this pretty girl?« Answer. Say hello to the mirror, and say: »Look, it's Ella! And this is mommy ...« Take the baby's hand and stroke the reflection of your face in the mirror with it.
  • Run towards the mirror together, then step aside so your reflection is no longer in the mirror. Return in front of the mirror so the baby sees her reflection again. Observe the baby's reaction and tell him what you are seeing.


It is never too early to read to a baby. The baby will calm down and feel safe.
  • Express as much as possible with your voice. Change the tone and pitch of your voice. Speak with a low-pitched and a high-pitched voice, slowly ...
  • Looking at images is also a kind of reading. Choose clear and easily recognizable images. Name the objects and mimic their sound.


Why wouldn't the time you spend in the kitchen also be pleasant for the baby? Assign a cupboard or a shelf for your baby, and he will be happy to help you cook in his own way.
  • A baby can play with pots, pans, lids, and spoons for hours. This will also soothe the baby's desire to make some noise. Be smart and choose a wooden spoon!
  • Spur the baby's desire to explore by turning a pot upside down. What's hiding under the pot? What's hiding under the lid?