OR2500MFM Radiator

Radiator OR2500MFM

Timer Dimensions (W×H×D): 28 × 64 × 44.5 cm


Icon - Tip-over protection

Tip-over protection

Automatic power-off for extra safety
If the radiator is tipped over, you do not have to worry. The safety switch will make sure the appliance is switched off in such case.
Icon - Built-in Thermal Protection

Built-in Thermal Protection

Overheat protection
The heater has built-in overheating protection. Thus, the inside of the heater is protected from overheating that could, in turn, cause overheating of electronic parts and the heating elements.
Icon - Temperature of your choice

Temperature of your choice

Choose between 5–35 °C
The radiator allows setting the heating temperature between 5 and 35 °C. With the simple controls, you can make sure the temperature in the room is always just right for you and how you feel.

Fan for extra power

Faster heating
A heating fan can be activated independently or together with the conventional heating element to boost the radiator’s total heating power and reach the most comfortable temperature. Room gets warmer in no time.

Technical details


Fast heating

Nominal current of fuse: 16 amp

Current type: AC

Frequency: 50 Hz

Intended location of use: Radiator for rooms

Connected load: 2,500 W

Heater power: 2,500 W

Voltage (V): 220-240 V

Min temperature: 5 °C

Max temperature: 35 °C

Dimensions (W×H×D): 28 × 64 × 44.5 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 50.5 × 69.2 × 16.2 cm

Net weight: 10.7 kg

Gross weight: 11.8 kg

Connected load: 2,500 W

Nominal current of fuse: 16 amp

Product code: 713900

EAN code: 3838782153822