BVX100WS Bathroom fan

Bathroom fan BVX100WS

Rated power output: 15 W Air flow: 70 m³/h


Icon - Air Control

Air Control

Backdraught shutter opens and closes in response to the slightest air movement. It prevents air travelling back up the duct, through the impellers of the fan and into the room - particularly important for keeping out the odour, not letting the insects in as well as in winter.
Icon - Super Silent

Super Silent

Quiet operation
Sensing the slightest air movement, the fan operates super silently, and it will not disturb you at all.
Icon - Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

As air is drawn through the fan, dust builds up on the grill cover and the fan motor over time. Cleaning the cover and motor housing every six months to one year will remove most of the accumulated dust. Gorenje built-in fans are easy to clean which makes them more user-friendly.

Technical details

Rated power output: 15 W

Air flow: 70 m³/h

Noise level: 30 dB(A)re 1 pW

Rounds per minute: 2,400 rpm

Voltage (V): 230 V

Installation: wall/ceiling

Height (A): 150 mm

Depth to the wall (B): 21 mm

Duct depth (C): 71 mm

Duct diameter (D): 98 mm

Wall opening diameter: 100 mm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 15.5 × 9.6 × 14.5 cm

Net weight: 0.5 kg

Gross weight: 0.59 kg

Product code: 474559

EAN code: 3838942010828