AP500 Air purifier

Air purifier AP500

Air purifier


Icon - Digital control panel

Digital control panel

Easy to use
LED-illuminated control panel helps you to easily switch between different fan speeds and air purifying modes (auto, sleep, turbo). You can also turn off the lights. Enjoy full air purifying control at your fingertips.
Icon - Sleep mode

Sleep mode

Super silent at 25 dB
The purifier’s operation is whisper silent and non-disruptive, when running at the lowest fan speed and with lights off. With a noise level at just 25 dB it cleans the air for easier breathing and sleeping. It is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries or children’s rooms.
Icon - Air quality light indicator

Air quality light indicator

Poor, fair or excellent air quality
The air purifier indicates the current quality of the air through its LED ring light. Sensors are measuring the quality of the indoor air by displaying a red (poor air quality), orange (fair air quality) or blue ring light (excellent air quality).
Icon - Double filter system

Double filter system

With filter change indicator
Each replaceable 3in1 filter comes with prefilter, HEPA filter and active carbon filter, featuring the latest purifying technology. Active carbon removes unpleasant odours. A light indicator alerts when it’s time to change the filters.
Icon - 5 fan speeds

5 fan speeds

Optimal comfort
In manual mode, you can easily adjust three fan speeds from low, medium and high. Additionally, you can also select auto, silent or turbo mode. Turbo is perfect for fast air cleaning.
Icon - Optimal air purifying

Optimal air purifying

For rooms up to 60 m2
Enjoy fresh and energizing air in the bedroom, living room or in the office. Air purifier is a perfect choice for rooms up to 60 m2. It is easy to move around and improves indoor air quality wherever it’s needed.
Icon - Ionic technology

Ionic technology

Feel more energy
The ionic technology releases negative ions in the air. They are necessary for cell metabolism and other vital functions. The efficient filtration system removes pollen, smells, smoke and dust particles, always ensuring pure and clean indoor air.
Icon - PM2.5 & VOC sensor

PM2.5 & VOC sensor

Perfect control
Two sensors provide reading of ultrafine particulate matter (PM2.5) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are highly volatile source of air pollution indoors. VOC’s sources in home and work environments include following examples: paint and varnishes, cosmetics, cleaning products, sofas, mattresses, carpets, newspapers and photocopiers etc. Sensors have individualized levels for the three different segments from excellent to highly polluted (excellent to bad air quality). The value will generate the colour on the LED display (VOC value) and the colour of the ring light (PM2.5 value).
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Technical details

Product group: Air purifier


Display: LED display


Noise: 35 dB(A)re 1 pW

Turbo mode

Filter: Active carbon, HEPA, Prefilter

Filter cleaning indicator

Clean air delivery rate: 500 m³/h

Display air quality PM2,5

Useful area: 60 m2

Dimensions (W×H×D): 31 × 68 × 31 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 39.2 × 80.6 × 38.2 cm

Net weight: 9.9 kg

Gross weight: 13 kg

Connected load: 35 W

Product code: 736952

EAN code: 3838782444975