SET KAS 35 TT Air conditioner set

Air conditioner set SET KAS 35 TT

Cooling power: 3,600 W Heating power: 3,700 W Night mode Automatic activity Turbo Protection against cold air Type of display: LED display


Icon - Cold plasma generator

Cold plasma generator

Clear air delivery system
Cold plasma technology is a unique technology that deters odors and is a great clear air delivery system. Plasma dramatically reduces the harmful contaminants in the air and takes care of your well-being.
Icon - Smart Function

Smart Function

Automatic selection of the operating mode
Depending on the room temperature, the air conditioner automatically selects the operating mode (heating, cooling, dehumidifying, ventilating). Whatever you do, you'll be able to just feel comofortably good in the room.
Icon - Anti-cold Air Function

Anti-cold Air Function

Preventing cold air
When the heating mode is switched on, this function prevents the blowing of cold air, because the speed of the fan adjusts to the temperature of the evaporator. This ensures maximum level of comfort and more pleasant atmosphere.
Icon - Follow me

Follow me

Room thermostat
The remote control takes over the role of a room thermostat. The air conditioning device automatically regulates the temperature in the room depending on the temperature at the location where the remote controller is positioned.
Icon - Sleep mode

Sleep mode

Night mode of operation
This function enables automatic reduction of cooling/heating power by 1°C for the first 2 hours of operation. The power then continues for the following 5 hours, after which it automatically switches off. Ideal for night mode and fine sleeping conditions.
Icon - Turbo mode

Turbo mode

Reaching temperature fast
The turbo mode function allows reaching the present temperature in the shortest possible time. You will benefit in saving energy and time.
Icon - Auto Swing

Auto Swing

Automatic louver swinging
By automatic movement of horizontal louvers in a specific order, the device ensures optimum distribution and flow of cool or warm air through the room.
Icon - 2-way Draining

2-way Draining

Easy installation
Drainage, electrical and gas connection from either the left or the right side allows easier installation.
Icon - Auto Restart

Auto Restart

Automatic restart
In case of power failure, when the power supply returns, the air conditioning device automatically reverts to the previous mode of operation.
Icon - Manual Switch Button

Manual Switch Button

On or off manually
The air conditioning device can be switched on or off using a button, without the remote control.
Icon - 1 W Standby

1 W Standby

Saving the energy
In standby mode, the air conditioning device automatically starts the energy saving mode. Instead of 5 W, only 1 W per hour is used, which means 80 % energy savings.
Icon - Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Simple and useful
Device installation is very simple, so you will not use much time on it. This for sures comes handy.
Icon - Frost protection

Frost protection

Protecting the area from frost
With this function activated, the air conditioner will keep the space from freezing during winter months. A temperature of 8 °C will be maintained.
Icon - LED display

LED display

Elegant and modern view
LED display on the air conditioner displays your settings to provide any information you may need. It also provides the elegant note to your room.
Icon - Emergency Using Function

Emergency Using Function

Always ready to serve
If air conditioning is necessary, this function allows operation and prevents shut-off even if the temperature sensor is defected.

Technical details

Unite type: Internal unit

Type of internal unit: Wall mounted

Remote control: Remote

Refrigerant: R410A

2-way draining: Left or right

Automatic activity

Auto restart

Freeze protection

Night mode






Minimum audio power: 55 dB(A)re 1 pW

Heating power: 3,700 W

Consumption in standby mode: 1 W

Frequency: 50 Hz

Cooling power: 3,600 W

Minimum sound pressure: 35 dB(A)2x10-5Pa

Maximum sound pressure: 40 dB(A)2x10-5Pa

Connecting power at heating: 1,025 W

Connecting power at cooling: 1,121 W

Diameter of liquid pipe: 6.35 mm

Diameter of gas pipe: 9.53 mm

Maximum pipe length: 20 m

Maximum height difference: 8 m

COP: 3.61

Minimum sound pressure: 35 dB(A)2x10-5Pa

Maximum sound pressure: 40 dB(A)2x10-5Pa

Dimensions (W×H×D): 78 × 27 × 20.6 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 83 × 33.5 × 26 cm

Net weight: 8.4 kg

Gross weight: 10 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 1 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 73387677


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