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Indoor unit should be installed so that air flow is not directed on the people in the room. 

When installing indoor unit assure:
• unimpeded circulation of air
• enough room around the unit for easy cleaning and possible
• indoor unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Plan for installation of the outdoor unit:
• If the air conditioner is installed in an apartment building, the easiest place to install the outdoor unit is on the balcony.
Alternatively, it can be installed below the window, on the room, or in the attic
• In a residential house, outdoor unit can be mounted on the floor, on the balcony, under the roof, in the attic (if ventilation is adequate), or anywhere else on the wall.
• Consider the weight of the air conditioner and select a room where noise and vibration will not be disturbing.
• Select a place where air flow and sound pressure generated by the air conditioner will not be disturbing to the environment.
• If the house is subject to heritage protection regulations, consult the relevant body of authority.

Calculating the required cooling power for your room:
> space size m2 x 70 W = S
> surface of windows on the sunny side m2 x 30 W = P
> number of people in the room x 100 W = O
> additional heat sources in W x 1 W = I
> required cooling capacity W = S + P + O + I

Based on the calculated cooling power, select the appropriate air conditioner from catalog.

The calculation is for average room of 2.5 m height. For more accurate information contact our sales offices or authorized installers who will give you a professional advice.

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