Cooling and heating with air conditioners

Gorenje air conditioners are intended for cooling of rooms as well as additional heating in low heating seasons (spring and autumn). 

All air conditioners are made on the principle of a heat pump. They do not generate energy as electric heaters, they transfer it from the surrounding air into the room where it is released at a higher energy level. This requires only a third of electrical energy. The other two thirds are from the environment, at no cost. As long as surrounding temperature is above 0°C, this is certainly the most economical heating system. 

Highly efficient inverter air conditioners can also be used for additional heating during the winter, depending on outside conditions (temperature, humidity, wind etc.).
Standard vs. Inverter 

Standard air conditioners use on and off system of operation, according to the temperature in the room. They will turn on when temperature is higher or lower than set and off when the room temperature hits the target. In this manner, more electricity is used, and you are not able to maintain the temperature so well. Inverter motor uses advanced technology. With integral rpm regulation air conditioner can reach the temperature setting more exactly and maintain it. Thus, it is highly efficient and saves on energy and time.

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