Why should you choose a colourful home appliance?

If you're buying a new home appliance, chances are you're looking at white or maybe (mostly in the case of cooking appliances) black ones. But there are a few very good reasons to decide on more innovative colours for your home appliances: 

Fresh decoration: When tired of the existing home decoration, there’s no need for major interventions. Simply find a home appliance in your favourite colour and revive your home with an apple refrigerator, a red washing machine or a black dryer. 

Unique home: If you wish to impress your guests and give them something to talk about for the next couple of days, a home appliance in a special colour might be just the right choice for you. It’s the right way to express your creative style and make your place unique. Unlock your imagination and make a fresh new start.
Express yourself: You didn’t have the right opportunity to express your personality when decorating your home before moving in? No problem. You can easily do it now. There are home appliances available in several colours. Choose the one that best matches your style (link do članka “Washing machine matching your style”) and express your inner voice with new colourful home decor.

Mix and match

The Gorenje Colour Collection offers a wide range of colourful options for cooling, washing and drying. All appliances offer an exceptional user experience and are made to save time, energy and water. And on top ofthat, they are dressed in life’s most beautiful colours!

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