Why making Gorenje dishwashers in Europe makes a difference

Made in Europe. The three words we are proud to say for our dishwashers. And here are the three reasons why.

Reason 1: Sustainability

The fact that Gorenje dishwashers are designed and produced in Europe, where most of our customers are located, has many benefits for them and the environment. European production shortens the supply chain, the transit time and the delivery time. The fact that Gorenje dishwashers are developed, designed and produced in Europe, where most of our customers are located, has many benefits for them and the environment. European production allows us to:

  • Use only the top noch equipment to make appliances that support you in your daily life,
  • work with leading experts in the industry who understand our customers and are thus able to create only the best solutions,
  • and cut down on CO2 emissions due to Europe's strong transportation infrastructure.
As part of our company’s obligation to sustainability, our aim is not only to keep your dishes clean, but keep the environment clean, too. All our dishwashers go through extensive planning phase long before they see the light of day, so they correspond to legal and environmental requirements. We are constantly improving the design and production processes to ensure minimal impact on our planet, from choosing materials and environmentally-friendly technological procedures to less electric power and water use once the product is in your home and to ensuring simple disassembly and recycling at the end of a dishwasher’s life. 

Reason 2: Quality and innovation

Europe is renowned for product and industry innovation. For years, it was sort of the traditional route that Europe innovates, and China makes. However, when every part is designed, developed, and produced in by us, it puts more control into the entire process and trademark protection, as well as eliminates possibilities of infringement. Therefore, ‘Made in Europe’ is a guarantee that certain regulations and standards for production have been met, it is a sign of transparency and trust.

All Gorenje dishwashers are made by a team of pioneer professionals who are incorporating al the latest technology trends that can best suit our customers’ needs. For example, the new UltraClean dishwashers come with a multitude of features, that make your life easier. If you're looking  for saving time, detergent and energy, our SmartDosing feature will quickly become your go-to choice. You simply pour your detergent into the container and the dishwasher intelligently doses it throughout the month. Its FastEfficient feature, on the other hand, washes and dries your dishes to perfection in one  astonishing hour. If you're looking for extra clean dishes, you can also rely on ExtraHygiene with UV Technology to get the job done, as it removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses even at lower temperatures.

Reason 3: Ethical labour

It's no secret some parts of the world use forced slave or child labour in their production process. In Europe, as well as in our company, we are committed to fair and respectful treatment of all our workers. Furthermore, by taking care of our ‘family members’, we are helping safeguard the European economy and help society prosper.

Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to make purchases based on the European origin of products. They understand the value of local products, security of supply and taking environmentally responsible action that will help shape a better (and cleaner) future for all of us. Therefore, those three words ‘Made in Europe’ also mean one more important thing – that our dishwashers are ‘Made for you’.

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