What to look for when you're buying home appliances for your first home

One of the most exciting aspects of decorating your first home is choosing your home appliances. Having a fully equipped kitchen where you can host dinner parties or cook for a family is an important rite of passage but can sometimes feel overwhelming due to an abundance of choice on the market.

1. Smart preparation. Before going to a showroom, work out your budget and the list of features you’re looking for in your appliances, such as energy efficiency, functionality and spaciousness. Don’t be tempted by novelty products and go for reputable and well-established brands rather than appealing price tags. This will help you avoid constant repair costs and malfunctions down the line. 

2. Will it fit? Whichever appliance you’re purchasing, measure the space you have for it. Then measure it again. This way, when you go to a showroom, you won’t waste time with something that doesn’t fit. Apart from the place in your home the appliance actually needs to fit in, consider also the doorways, stairs and hallways to avoid any unpleasant surprises during delivery. 
If you have limited space, the good news is that today’s appliances have a bigger capacity and perform more functions than ever before, so lack of space no longer means you have to sacrifice either features or aesthetics. 

3. Decide on the look you're going for. Keep in mind that you'll be looking at your appliances for many years, so don't go for flashy designs or colours that will go out of style soon. Sleek, minimalistic appliances are usually a better choice as they are easily integrated into any style of the kitchen, including modern and traditional. 
4. Hob and hood. Your first kitchen definitely needs a good hob, whether induction, glass ceramic or gas. Go for high-efficiency and ease of use with features like automatic pot detection and smart sensors. Add a good ventilation hood that's easy to clean and you’re all set for a drama-free dinner at your home. Before purchase, just check whether there’s a duct in your new kitchen that can be used for extraction. If not, you need a hood  made for recirculation. 

5. Refrigerator. When buying a refrigerator, you first want to decide whether you want a freestanding or built-in fridge freezer. Built-in fridges provide a seamless look, while freestanding ones are easier to relocate and often have a larger capacity. The next thing to take into account are the features. The refrigerator not only keeps your food from spoiling – it is also one of the few appliances in your home that runs all the time. Go for an energy efficient one with smart features that will keep your food fresh and organized. Features such as AdaptTech, for example, can predict when the fridge door will be opened and lower the temperature inside just enough to prevent thermal shock to the food and ensure its maximum freshness.
6. Dishwasher. With dishwashers, go for a quiet one with lots of space. Today’s dishwashers also use ionizers to eliminate bad smells and keep the dishes perfectly dry by letting out excess steam when done washing, so be sure to be aware of what’s on offer. Investing in a model with an auto program that adapts the dishwashing cycles to the level of dirtiness of your dishes will make dishwashing even simpler.

7. Oven and microwave. When it comes to ovens and microwaves, cleaning can get quite dramatic sometimes. Choosing an appliance that have some type of self-cleaning programme will significantly cut down on the cleaning time and keep your kitchen appliance looking like new for years to come. And if you're not yet exactly what you would call a pro cook, an oven with preset baking programmes might prove really handy because it automatically choses the right settings for each type of dish, making you a star in the kitchen.
Life can sometimes get dramatic. Thankfully, at least Gorenje Simplicity home appliances are completely drama-free with sleek and clean looks, a flawless user experience, and amazing value for money:  

Adaptive technology that recognizes the user's needs or habits
Automatic programmes deliver perfect results everytime
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