Six steps to an organized kitchen


Nothing can make you stressed like a messy kitchen, so use a foggy winter afternoon to bring some order to your pots and pans. Sounds complicated? Not at all! With these six steps your kitchen will be organized in no time.

1. Hang it up! Install a hanging rod for most frequently used pots and pans, kitchen towels or utensils.

2. It's all about reach. Store items you use most where they are easiest to access. And that fancy porcelan plate you only use when mother in law comes to visit can be safely stored in the back of the top shelf.

3. Create space. Throw away anything that is past its due date and donate kitchen utensils or appliances that you don't use.

4. Divide and conquer. Use drawer separators to neatly store cutlery, plastic containers or lids.

5. Keep it pretty. If you are going to have appliances or utensils on the kitchen counter, choose them in a design that will match your kitchen. That way, they will make a stylish addition instead of adding to the clutter. 

6. Make the most of what you've got. Add pop-up shelves to a cupboard, install a wire rack on the wall above the cooking hob or hooks underneath the cabinets and use up every inch of your available storage space. 

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