Seven tried and tested ways to brighten someone’s day


Every day there is a little something we can do to brighten someone's day. Small things can change other people's lives in a way one cannot imagine. Equally, small things can make our day as well. Remember – what goes around comes around.

1. Smile. Whether you’re waking up, heading for the office or running household errands, just smile. Simply flash a smile to someone dear to you or to a complete stranger. It can make their day. It can make your day, too.

2. Surprise. Surprise someone with a flower, a freshly brewed coffee or an invitation to dinner at your house. Be the person who spices up other people's lives.

3. Listen. Put everything else aside and lend an ear to someone who needs it. Sometimes we only need to share our thoughts with another to feel better.

4. Share. Share dessert with your new neighbours. Share good ideas with your colleagues. Share positive energy with a person you’ve just met for the first time. Sharing is caring. 

5. Donate. It could be clothes you no longer wear, books you won't read again or even an ageing yet functional washing machine you want to replace. Donate what you no longer need. 

6. Lend a helping hand. Be it daily chores such as cleaning the kitchen, or a highly complex project at work, take your time and help others. The secret to happiness is helping others.

7. Give thanks. Stick a simple thank you note on the fridge at home or a coworker’s monitor in your office. Express gratefulness to those who deserve it. A sincere thank you often says more than an elaborate speech.

Morning bird or not, there is no better feeling than to start off the day with a healthy breakfast and a cup of delicious coffee or a tea. Attractive morning duo of the Gorenje Infinity collection, which includes the kettle and toaster, will brighten your kitchen – and your days! 

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